Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Story Time!

Random story time! I found a random story that is an alternate ending to Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island.  In this story, Andy Jason has a crush on Nancy, Joe Hardy is obsessed with cheeseburgers, and Hilda Swenson is a character.

I also found an alternate ending to Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion. At the end of that game, Nancy captures the culprit underneath a chandelier. In this story, Nancy stops the culprit by using a different item. It's kind of violent, but it's definitely an original use of the inventory item which showed up in every adventure game during those days.

Those are the only random Nancy Drew stories I have for you today.


SammySleuth said...

lol! The DDI one is so funny! I never thought of Andy like that before. :) haha Thanks for sharing!! ~Samantha (Sammy's Blog)

Diana said...

lol "The cheeseburger has spoken."
I luv Joe!

Miriam said...

Hahaha. Those were awesome :D I'm sure a lot of players have hated Louis enough to have tried to use the crowbar on him before instead of walking all the way around the staircase and untying the rope to drop the chandelier.
..I never liked him much anyway. :)

Balin said...

At least one of the comments on the end of your MHM walkthrough was about how [player] tried to repeatedly club Louis with the crowbar. But hey - the chandelier ending is much cooler.