Saturday, November 20, 2010

Planned Parenthood Rosary Rally

Yesterday, I went to Planned Parenthood (the place where they do abortions). We sent a group of seminarians there to pray the rosary outside their building.  We didn't pray outside the entrance to the building; we prayed on the side along the street.

It was interesting.  Some people who were driving by stared at us, and one driver shouted something very mean at us.  But other than that, nothing happened.  We just prayed the rosary and went back home.

I kind of liked it.  I'm not a fan of the protestors who scream in megaphones and carry signs with catchy slogans and/or disgusting pictures.  We weren't there to bug anyone or cause a hassle. We were just there to pray, and that's what we did.  End of story.

Some of the other people are really intense about fighting abortion. Me, I don't have strong feelings on the topic, mainly because when I was younger, everyone said I'm not allowed to have an opinion about abortion because I'm not a woman.  That seems completely unfair to me (not to mention illogical), but that's what people say.

In any case, my opinion about abortion isn't too complicated.  Like I said at the relay for life earlier this year, I'm alive, so I kind of have to be pro-life. Besides, killing another person is intrinsically evil.  Why should it matter if the person you kill is old, young, or going to be born in three days?  It still counts as killing someone.

But even though pro-life ministry isn't my major calling--I'm much better at youth/young adult ministry--I decided to go anyway, because I love the rosary and because I wanted to support my brothers.  I was worried no one else would show up (and some people did bail out), so I made it a specific point to go. I'm pretty sure the first-years who organized the whole thing thought it was a success, so mission accomplished!


Balin said...

I like that - not showy or INYOURFACE, but still, doing what was needed.

Sofia said...

I'm pro-choice.
But I liked that you just went there to pray and didn't bother anyone, or shove pictures of ultrasounds in people's faces. But...yeah. I'm pro-choice. I'm not going to get into depth why, but,I just think that all women deserve a choice on whether they want their baby or not. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Well, Michael. The reason some people say men can't have an opinion about abortion is because men fundamentally cannot grasp how it feels to be in the situation of an unwanted pregnancy. Men can have the option of saying "do what you want, I'm waving my rights" and completely walk away, but women don't without abortion. Also, Planned Parenthood does prenatal care and offers adoption services, in vitro, and artificial insemination (in my area at least), so I disagree with protesting them, but I liked the way you guys did it.

Isabel said...

I'm pro-choice, but I really admire the way that you did this instead of being in people's faces about it.
I've actually walked by a Planned Parenthood before and there were people praying outside, and some woman shouted really rude things to the people doing it. Looking back on it, it kind of upset me because the people weren't trying to hurt anyone, they were just doing what they thought they could do.
So, kudos for you for stating your opinion the right way. Even if it's something I don't exactly agree with, I think you did it the right way and weren't trying to shove it down other people's throats.

Kira said...

Because I'm Catholic, I kind of have to be against abortion ... but I won't go around preaching that people shouldn't do abortion and I won't hate anyone who does decide to have an abortion, because, well, that's their choice. I wouldn't choose to have an abortion myself, though. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Though the issue of abortion may seem to be complicated and controversial, I have never found it confusing, because the Bible shows clearly where Christians are to stand, and that is pro-life. God creates life, only God should take it away.

Praying is one of the best possible things to do about the situation, and I'm glad you and others did so. People who do loud protests only aggravate the problem, stirring up anger and really getting nowhere.

I agree that it is unfair how you were told that you can't have an opinion on the subject because you're not a woman. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how affected they are by the issue. Just because you are not directly involved doesn't mean you don't care!


Emma said...

I'm pro-choice but I respect the peaceful way you showed your beliefs. I am not FOR abortions, I just don't want 12 year olds running around with babies in their bellies (yes, it does happen i.e. rape). And though it hurts my brain to think about a baby being killed before it is born, the alternative isn't much better (growing up in an abusive or irresponsible family unable to take care of the child, or in extreme poverty). Just my opinion, again, I respect all of the pro-life people out there.

Anonymous said...

Well I think men should definitely have an opinion about abortion, but women are the ones who actually have to give birth to babies. Especially in the cases of teenage pregnancies and rape, giving birth could wreck the mothers' lives completely, or even be fatal to them. Most women would prefer to not abort, but for many of them, abortion is the only way for at least one person to survive. A lot of people don't respect how difficult those pro-life rallies are for mothers, but I think that praying for the mothers and doctors is definitely appropriate and thoughtful to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm pro-choice, but I really like what you described here. You expressed your opinion respectfully and in a way that was intended to help the people in question, not put them down or harm them. Bravo.

icu_lafn said...

i wish there was a way to educate people on what 'could' happen. how do you tell someone to prepare for rape, incest, being deceived by promises of love & marriage, drugs & alcohol, STD's & cancer, poverty, depression, self loathing and everything else that 'could' lead to pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Pro-life all the way!! Used to be pro-choice, but then I thought, "What would be so bad about giving birth to a new life?" So no more pro-abortion for me. For those of you guys that feel that women should have the right to choose, keep this in mind: The most common response that women give for the reasons that they had an abortion is because they felt they had no choice. This is again about women, who have already had abortions. If I see someone about to walk off a cliff, I would stop them, wouldn't you? Also a 12 year old girl, who had an abortion, later went back to the abortion clinic for some kind of check up and she looked carefree and happy to the workers. Then she went to this room and she was alone for a while. When the workers went in, they found her with her wrists slit. This story was told by a woman, who used to work at an abortion clinic, and now she has left that life behind her and is telling the truth behind what goes on in those abortion clinics. A 12 year old girl killing herself after her abortion. 12 years old. You know, after seeing a lot of these comments, I realize a lot of people don't really know about abortion. Sorry guys, but it is true. Like how Planned Parenthood's creator was a racist and eugenist. If you don't know what a eugenist is, it means that they want to rid the world of the human weeds. Just like what Hitler and the Nazis wanted. Margaret Sanger was the same. Planned Parenthood denies it though. If you want to learn more about abortion, look it up like pn would be a good start. Good luck.