Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Speedrun!

Here's my speedrun for Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill.  It took me exactly sixteen minutes to beat the game from start to finish.  That's a half-minute improvement over my first attempt at the run

Who knew you could start and end this game in only sixteen minutes?


Anonymous said...

WOW! 16 minutes!:D

SammySleuth said...
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SammySleuth said...

Wow! That's crazy! I finished it in about a day, and I thought that was fast. But 16 minutes...Thats crazy!!!

Molly said...

That is pretty darn impressive. I've finished TOTT in about a half hour, and maybe I could do it in 16 minutes if I really tried. But once again, Michael, you rock.

Anonymous said...

I love your vids!! My first game I played was the Final Scene (my sister discovered the games)some years ago-so its my favourite with THC second, The only other games I have played are :STfD,MIAHM, and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and I borrowed Ransoms of the Seven Ships from the libarary.
But your walkthrough helped with the first puzzle in Message in a Haunted Mansion--mom and I had gotten stuck on that one. and for the jigsaw-slider puzzle the first time I played RotSS.

My sister has two dogs, and I love history-any history.

But what would you think if previous ND game villians (I'm not naming any--I don't want to spoil any games for people who haven't played them) ganging up w/ each other to get revenge on Nancy in a future game?

Have you seen the other Indian Jones movies beside the one that came out around the time you were playing/filming Nancy Drew and the Legend of the Crystal Skull walkthrough?