Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Sales

I'm not the shopping type, but I couldn't help but all the "super great sales" this week are not, in fact, "super great".

For example, the Apple iPod Touch is being sold at the low, low price of $295, instead of its normal price, $299.  Four dollars off?  It still costs more than two of my monthly paychecks.  And the stores only have four of them available for purchase, because otherwise, they'd could go broke from selling their merchandise for pratically nothing.

So, yeah, those are all the big deals this year.  Two dollars off on the $300 items, like TVs. Nothing else is on sale. The big news story around here is that people are paying for their items in cash, not credit card.  That's because everyone is still in massive debt because no one has had a job since they were fired in 2008.  (Thanks again for fixing the economy like you promised, President Obama!)

Now, maybe it's just me, but when you're worried about avoiding debt, perhaps buying a $300 TV is not the right way to go.

In videogame shopping news, which is really the only shopping news I paid attention to, the big game deals are...none.  There were no big deals.  The ads just promised certain games would be in stock, at full price.  Wahoo!

Only about five games were on sale this year, and they're all on the list of the top ten bestselling games. It's kind of funny to see the companies brag, "This game is selling well because it's a great game!" when the truth is, "This game is selling well because nothing else is on sale!"

I've never liked videogame shopping, to be honest.  Prices are too high, and Nintendo's we never lower our prices policy is not exactly what I call "customer-friendly.  Plus, GameStop has the nasty policy of shrink-wrapping used games and selling them as new, which sounds like fraud to me.  (GameStop, of course, is having a big "give us your used games" sale)

But even if games aren't on sale, the systems are.  This year, there are a lot of bundles, such as Buy a Wii and get two free games or Buy an Xbox 360 and get the Kinect Half-Off.  Those are good deals, I guess, if you don't own those systems already. But what about the loyal customers who have already purchased gaming systems?  They get nothing, which seems unfair.  Why are the videogame companies targeting people who don't play videogames, as opposed to people who do?


mysterydrew :) said...

I know right, some of this holiday nonsense really bothers me

Kira said...

I know! Like that red Mario Wii looks totally awesome, but I already got a plain ol' white Wii back in 2006, when they first came out. AND I already have all the Mario games that come with red Wii (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart, Mario Brothers). Also, I noticed how "on sale" those iPod Touches were from looking at the ads. I'm hoping maybe I'll still get one for Christmas, though. :-)

Not Anonymous aka Jessmanboo22 said...

*what Kira said*!!!!!! Except for already having Mario Brothers :P
But I have the Super Mario Allstars for the ol' SNES anyway. (We have an SNES and a Wii. Haha.)

My sister wants to get a red DS. I'm thinking I might get her it, or maybe all us siblings will put together some money so she can have it :)

P.S. "Not Anonymous" is getting old.... I'm going to use what I use everywhere else on teh Interwebz. "jessmanboo22"

Twizzler206 said...

I was at GameStop yesterday and got Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time for GameCube. I don't HAVE a GameCube, but those games work on Wii too.I also got my older brother a hunting game for Wii. Alltogether it was a pretty good deal.... it was like 39 dollars and we got a free GameCube controller.

Anonymous said...

What's funny is that gamecube plus 50 games cost less than a PS3 alone that's right no games included. I own a gamecube but not a PS3 but there are a lot of great games on the gamecube.(Mario party's 1-6 and the first game I ever got on a console CHI-BI-ROBO I believe it was called. all the PS3 has is shooter games. Am I Right?


Diana said...

@ Twizzler206
I got that for my birthday and i love it! i totally screwed myself up by not getting enough health before going for the master sword so i had to start over but still... great game!