Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Newsletter

The Nancy Drew folks released a new newsletter today, which means I get to do a cop-out blog post and simply describe what's in the newsletter.
  • The newsletter has all sorts of things about Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge.  If you're looking for all of the preview material for that game in one place, the newsletter is where you'll find it!
  • There are also advertisements for other scary games in the Nancy Drew series.
  • They're also releasing a collector's edition fan favorites tin!  Three of the most popular games in the series, collected together in a fancy tin, with a journal containing a bunch of pictures. Cool!
  • There are more advertisements for other games in the Nancy Drew series.
And that's the newsletter for October! Happy Halloween, everyone!

...Oh wait, it's not Halloween yet. Um...Happy Almost-Halloween?


Lisa said...

ur walkthrough is up



Anonymous said...

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Anonymous said...

"This is why i work with machines, they're they totally oblivious to awkwardness" I love that lol. And the robotic cat music was soooo funny. I love your walkthroughs!

Sofia said...

Happy Almost-Halloween!!!
Are you dressing up?

And, while we're quoting SAW, I just have to say that I adore when Rentaro goes, "I mean, get with the game letters!"

...Don't ask me why. Because personally I think it's numbers that need to get in the game. But I just love when he says that :3

Anonymous said...

when are going to do part 3

Marcy said...


I'm going to be a vampire

Marcy said...

Anonymous don't push it stop asking him when he's
going to do part 3 got it?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for part three! Sofia, i love when Rentaro says that too, so far he is my favorite character.

Anonymous said...

I really wanna get that collector tin it looks cool, r u gonna get it michael? I also love that part where rentaro is like "get with the game letters" i cracked up... well thats really all i have to say... we love you michael keep the walkthroughs comin and peace!

Anonymous said...

oops i posted twice sorry everyone!