Thursday, October 28, 2010

Josie and the Pussycats

On Monday, I watched the new episode of Total Drama World Tour on the fancy TV they have here.  I have to watch it on the fancy TV, because my personal TV is older than me, and doesn't get anything but local stations.  The fancy TV is HD Flatscreen Way Too Expensive, and it gets a bunch of different channels, such as Cartoon Network West Coast and Cartoon Network East Coast.

Really?  We need two separate channels for Cartoon Network, both of which play the exact same material, just at different times?  Come on.  Get real.  They shouldn't even offer East Coast Time Zone channels here on the West Coast, because, duh, we don't run on East Coast Time.

Once my show was over, I flipped through the channels at random, and it turns out they have four Nickelodeon channels and three Cartoon Network channels, which seems overly excessive to me, when I noticed that Boomerang was playing an episode of Josie and the Pussycats.

A chance to see the TV show based off a comic strip I enjoy?  Great!  I have some interest in the show because I like the original strip, but the show was cancelled in the 1970's, so I never got a chance to actually see it before.

The episode didn't have much of a plot. A French spy gives a top-secret black box to Josie and her friends, telling them to keep the box out of the hands of the bad guy. The bad guy then chases our heroes, trying to get the box.

That was the plot of the entire episode.  It was basically a twenty-minute chase sequence. It worked, but it could have been better.

I was surprised to find out that the theme song to the TV show is totally not the song in the YouTube theme song video.  YouTube, you liar!  The fake video is below, but the real theme song has different lyrics. Plus, you know, you can actually understand the words.

Also, there were some..."interesting" changes to the characters' personalities, which is a nice way of saying nobody acts the way they should.

The only success story is Alexandra, the girl with the awesome hairdo. She's Josie's rival, and she's kind of mean and selfish. Alexandra likes to come up with evil plots for becoming the band's leader / getting the attention of Alan the Hot Guy, and she always fails in a humorous fashion. That's the way she acts in the comic strip, and she acts this way in the TV show. Good fun!

Then there's Alex, her twin brother. The two of them are pretty similar because they're twins, but in the TV show, they forgot about this and replaced Alex with Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

No, seriously. The same guy does his voice and everything. It was kind of odd.

Speaking of Scooby Doo, Alan the Hot Guy got replaced with Fred from Scooby Doo. His hair and clothes were altered to look more like Fred's, and he acts just like Fred does. Again, it was kind of odd. I dunno, it didn't ruin the TV show for me, but it was still weird to see Alex and Alan with complete personality transplants.

Melody's personality confused me. I couldn't tell if she was supposed to be smart or dumb or what.  She made a lot of jokes, but it wasn't clear if she was telling those jokes on purpose, or by accident.

Josie and Valerie didn't really show any personality in this episode. They were just sort of...there. It's like the producers thought there were too many characters in the show already, do they cut out all of Josie and Valerie's screentime.  That was kind of weird, because Josie is supposed to be the main character of the show.  Why make the main character completely unnecessary?

Overall, I'd say that the characters were different in the TV show, but they weren't so completely different that it's completely unbearable. I still would have liked to see the characters act the way they do in the original comics, though.

The show almost completely ignored the premise of the series, which is that Josie and the Pussycats are a band. The only reference to the band was thrown in randomly, when they started playing a song for no reason whatsoever.   There wasn't even an audience to watch them perform; they just set up their equipment and started playing a song in between scenes of the bad guy trying to kill them.

It was quite ridiculous.  They're being chased by a murderous villain, and they take a break to play a song.  I guess that's how Josie and the Pussycats roll. Nothing gets in the way of their music.

To make things even more ridiculous, they blatantly reused the animation from the theme song.  So, you saw the band totally rocking out and playing their instruments.  The actual song that was played, though, was a slow, sad song.  It was hilarious to see the wrong song get played to the wrong animation.


Anonymous said...

This is really random but my little brother named his pet bunny arglefumph.

Anonymous said...

I bet that is one cool bunny.

Sofia said...

I totally LOVE Total Drama World Tour! Gwen and Duncan ;D!

PennyPingletonFan said...

Yeah, good point. Only the Archies were worse, since as you say there, Alexandra's at least allowed her comic=-roots evil, unlike Filmation [which I call Fuglimation LOL!] who usually had Ronnie as a goody goody.

Many people probaly for years did not even know of the Pussycats's, or JOSIE'S comic book origin. THEY maybe thought H-B created it, despite the credit to the Archie folks and Archie divison Radio Comics's co-credit. Also, once that movie came out in 2001, Josie, the flop Universal release [supposedly comade with MGM, so the early ads say], the creator, the legendary Archie house-stylist/creator Daniel DeCarlo himself was upstaged by Archie Comics-Radio Comics, just like they almost got upstaged by Hannqa-Barbera.

Carson Daly in the film..hmmm..rock...Tara Reid...rock...Tara Reid....rock...Tara Reid..and also..Tara Reid...rock.

Tara Reid for that matter while I'm at it in the film....hmmm....Universal....American Pie....Universal....American pie..ahh you get the pic.