Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished with Shadow at the Water's Edge

Hey, I'm back! It turned out that my computer had three parts that needed to be replaced: the fan, the motherboard, and something else.  My computer is now guaranteed to keep working for the next 283 days, so I have plenty of time to mess it up again.

I played through Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge, and it was pretty good. It took me longer than it should have, because I was really dumb and kept skipping ahead too early.

For example, there's one part of the game where Nancy is supposed to get a package delivery. What you have to do at this point is make three quick phone calls: one to Logan (the package delivery guy), one to Bess (who is dealing with Logan), and a second call to Logan. It took me about twenty minutes to get through this challenge, because I kept skipping ahead.

(Nancy calls Logan. He says agrees to get the package for Bess)
Me: All right! I'm skipping ahead to the next day to get the package!
(Skips to next day.  Package is not there.)
Me: ?
(Calls Logan again. This does nothing.)
Me: Hm...maybe I should skip ahead another day, just in case.
(Skips to next day. Package is not there.)
Me: Aw, man!  What do I do now?
(Calls Bess. She is now expecting the package.)
Me: Awesome! I figured it out! Now, I'll skip ahead to the next day to get the package from Bess.
(Skips to the next day.  Package is not there.)
Me: What the bento? Where's my package?
(Calls Bess again. This does nothing.)
(Skips to the next day again. Nothing changes.)
Me: (pulls out hair in frustration)

Fifteen minutes later...

(Calls Logan again. He says he'll deliver the package to Bess, now that she's expecting it.)
Me: Oops.
(Skips to the next day, when the package has arrived.)
Me: YES!

So clearly, my love of skipping ahead to the next day of the game, coupled with the fact that package delivery guys don't deliver packages unless they're told to (who knew?), stopped me from progressing with the game like you're supposed to.

This happened to me again, near the end of the game. I skipped ahead about six times, when there was absolutely no reason to do so. Whoops.

I'll try to get started on my video walkthrough pretty soon, but before I do so, I think I'm going to plan out what to do ahead of time, so I don't mess up again. More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back - glad your computer's in good shape! And can't wait for your vidthru!

(Unlike normally, I plan on refraining from reading comments (at least through the first run), in order to avoid the ending being spoiled before...well, the ending. That buggers me.)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the game!

Kira said...

I did a lot of unnecessary skipping days, too. Some parts of the game were hard for me, so I had to cheat and look up a written walkthrough. :-(

Anonymous said...


ClassicCartoonsGuy said...

I don't have the game yet. I need to get on that asap!!
Played the demo and the game looks awesome!
Glad your computers fixed too. Mine had to have its motherboard replaced after about only a year of having it. And it was new too. Luckily, the warranty was still good on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your computers working again. When will you start the walkthrough.

Sofia said...


I'm SO close to the ending, but for some reason, Yumi won't give me the last picture! I only have six on Nancy's phone, but yet when I talked to Bess, I was able to tell her about the picture of her and Yumi I got! It's SO FRUSTRATING. OH MY BENTO!

Sorry. I laughed so hard when you said that ^

I hate being stuck. It makes me want to throw my computer at the wall.

Twizzler206 said...

Did You get the special edition? I have to start saying ''What the bento''

Anonymous said...

hahahaha that was funny. well, im super excited 4 the walkthru!!! yay! can't wait

Katia said...

That's so exciting! Take as long as you need for the game, I have a lot of tests this week, so I probably won't be able to watch your walkthrough until Wednesday or Thursday. I'm still really excited though.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... i love ur little stories u put on here LOL - Kait

Katy :) said...

Heh i like the fact that ur CERTAIN ur gunna stuff your computer up again :) I hope Shadow at the Water's Edge is as good as it sounds.. Japan is pretty cool.. Sucks to be an Aussie and have to wait ages for it to come out here :'( xxxx

Anonymous said...

if that were me i would be screaming at the montier saying," where is the stupid package, Bess!!!!!!!!!"


ps. glad ur computer is working i cant wait to get shadow @ the waters edge.

Anonymous said...

OMGG When are you posting it!??!?!

Anonymous said...

Any idea when you will have shadow at the waters edge walkthrough? I can't wait to watch it.

mysterydrew said...

What the Bento? lol i finished it today and I absolutely loved it

Anonymous said...

Yay, can't wait for the videos!

Anonymous said...

I did the same exact thing! I just skipped the next day hoping that the package would come.... it never did :( it finally did after Nancy slept for like 5 days straight, and i figured out what to do.

CreateForLife said...

If in a nancy drew game i can skip days without anything happening, i would skip days whenever i wanted to. ;)

Anonymous said...

That would mean you were there what... 2 weeks :P Funny. I think with all the skipping I did It was only a week or so.

Genesis said...

I thought it was scary when you were in the bathroom, that scared me so much but i saw it coming!!

Avneet said...

I am trying to solve the nonogram puzzle in the hidden bath, but nothing works, ive found pictures of the solution, i have trying using the x first the the space marks, but nothing works, can you help me please?

Madame Drew said...

I also am stuck I cannot get the stupid wolf. I have looked for walkthroughs used all the pics for senior and it will not work WTF!!!! I just want to finish it! is there anyone who can help its seems alot of people are having trouble. maybe i should try the other wolf for beginner. Please somebody help us out!!! Also with the bento boxes it is hit and miss with me what should I do?? can someone explain maybe. Thanks everyone!!!laura

Gianna said...

omg i need help with the broken portrait puzzle!!!!!

Gianna said...

i NEED help with the broken portrait puzzle....HELP PLEASE.!!!!!!