Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Figuring out SAW

In order to prepare for my video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge, I decided to go through Nancy's task list and get a general idea of the different puzzles/tasks/things you have to do in the game. Here we go!
  • Find Nancy's room, and explore it. You need to get her train ticket/Japanese dictionary. This allows her to travel to different places.
  • Meet Granny-San and take her cultural lessons on caligraphy, origami and tea. Each lesson takes place on a different day.
  • Examine Miwako's cat after 1:00 to learn that Suki is in protection mode. Call Bess and George about this, and they will give you a monster Sudoku puzzle to solve. Solving this will let you get past Suki. When you do this, you get access to a tile from the baths and a sealed envelope with the computer password.
  • Use the tile from the baths in the baths area in order to see a cutscene starring Miwako and Rentaro. After this, I think, Rentaro asks you to get him a prize from the pachinko parlor.
  • At the pachinko parlor, buy a comic book to learn about EVP. Nancy can learn about EVP at any time in the game, I think.
  • Meet Yumi and talk with her. She sends you to her apartment, where Nancy gets the phone number for Savannah Woodham.
  • Contact Savannah Woodham. The direct approach doesn't work, so call Bess and George for help.  Then, play matchmaker with Logan and Bess to get a copy of Savannah's book from Logan.
  • Once Nancy gets Savannah's book and reads it, she learns where to do EVP. So, read Savannah's book and solve the EVP puzzle. This results in Nancy finding the key to Granny's room.
  • After finding the key in the gardens, you can do the rock puzzle (and a few more puzzles) to get half of the super nonograms puzzle. This can only be done if Nancy knows origami.
  • If Nancy knows about tea, she can then use the key to Granny's room to steal Granny's tea kettle, and use the tea kettle to open the sealed envelope (from Miwako's desk). Nancy can now go onto the computer and see which rooms in the ryokan are never rented out to guests...in particular, room #33.
  • Open up the Krolmeister Security Thingy near the front desk, using the red card found in Granny's room. This gives you the key that opens all rooms which end in 8 or 9.
  • Using the 8 or 9 key, in conjunction with the star card taken from Rentaro's shed, go to room #33 and solve the puzzle that arises there.
  • Call Savannah for info about room #33. Then return there and go the hidden passageway. The hidden passageway contains the super nonograms puzzle. Sadly, Nancy only has half of this puzzle--the half she got from solving the rock puzzle.
  • Nancy needs the second half of the super nonograms puzzle. Once she gets seven photos from Yumi, she can solve the photo puzzle, which eventually leads to her getting the second half of the super nonograms puzzles.
  • Using both halves of the super nonogram puzzle, solve the super nonogram puzzle in the hidden passageway.
  • This causes a series of puzzles that Nancy has to solve in order to catch the villain.
Okay, so I think that's a pretty good overview of how the puzzles in the game are interconnected. I forgot to mention a few things, like grading homework or the phone avatars, but that's okay. I think I can use this overview to successfully avoid getting confused during my video walkthrough.

So! That's it, then, right? I think I'm ready to start recording my video walkthrough later today, after finishing with classes and homework.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

P.S.You make the best walkthroughs!

A's said...

Do you have special edition? Cause if you do I have the same one as you.

WinkyGoMoo said...

Sorry that this is a bit off topic, but have you heard the news?



Anonymous said...

don't forge to show both endings!!!
Ps today is the last day for yumis bento blog SOB SOB

Lisa said...

yaaa....i'am soooo happy

cause u do the BEST WALKTHROUGHS in
the WORLD.

ArtsyGirl said...

OMG!! Michael thats alot of tasks to do, but I know that you can do it. :) Good luck with recording! Can't wait to see the videos and to hear your funny commentaries. XD

Anonymous said...

thanx 4 leaving the villain anonymous. cant wait 4 the walkthru!

Sofia said...

Oh yeah, show both endings!
I am still stuck at the end of my game. I read a written walkthrough on gameboomers, and to beat the game I still need Yumi to give me a picture! But I've finished everything else. :c

Katia said...

I have a question, does John Grey show up at all in this game, as promised by Herinteractive?

Anonymous said...

i so glad you'll start the video. i love your videos

Kira said...

Katia--Sadly, John Grey doesn't show up in SAW.

And Michael, I read that the end of SAW is scary, so I have yet to finish the game because I want to see your walkthrough.

Miriam said...

Katia, HER never promised John would be in the game. He was just on the microsite they made for SAW.

Anonymous said...

ya video walkthrough

Anonymous said...

Granny-San?!?! Hahaha!

WOOT(: said...

Hmm, tons of puzzles to get to the villian. Tons of puzzles in general. Who have we already established liking puzzles? Wink wink. If it ends up being Rentaro, I SO CALLED IT. But if it isn't, then let's pretend this never happened. Now, I need help. Please help me prepare for the ending. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "Paranormal Activity meh. Not THAT scary. . ." and 10 being "GRUDGE GRUDGE GRUDGE GRUDGE HOLY MONKEYS GRUDGE I'M TOO SCARED TO MOVE!", how scary is the ending//certain parts? I will need a list before I continue. I already practically peed at the baths part, and I'm a little afraid to go on. Someone please reply! Thanks! Much love, WOOT(:

Diana said...

I'm so excited im checking your channel like every ten minutes for new SAWE videos i want this game so bad but watching you play it is just as good as having it