Monday, September 27, 2010

Three Things

1. Big Nancy Drew news! The series is going portable!  That is, they're developing Nancy Drew games for the iPhone and iPad.  Their first game is Secret of Shadow Ranch, which looks like it will include footage from the PC game of the same name. However, it is a text-based game, not an adventure game. Interesting!

2. I read the comments on How long should a videogame be?, and I think everyone agrees that a game should be good, instead of long.  If they put something in a game just to make the game longer (as opposed to putting it in the game because it's fun, important to the plot, etc.), that's probably not good. The part where Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess does that is very boring.  However, I can think of other games where you have to do time-consuming activities that aren't so badMaybe it just depends on the game.

I think the standard length for an adventure game today is actually two hours.  Tell-Tale Games, the big adventure game industry leader, sticks to the two hour time limit, anyway.

3. I made a short little video about Metroid: Other M.  People have been criticizing this game a lot for having longwinded cutscenes. So, here's a sample cutscene from that game!

My favorite joke is the title screen fade-in at the very end.


Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about games on I touches or ipads. They always seem to FAIL. They just don't import it right. I hope that this one is different but I am not expecting much from the game.I bet it will cost between 6$ and 12$, so i might not "OBJECTION". right I'm dragging on. Good short video.-Ethan

Paul said...

Ugh. I hate their two-hour episodic format, though. That's usualy not enough time to set up any long, overarching puzzles, and it makes the games too easy, since there's only so may items/item combinations/puzzle answers you can squeeze into a few hours

Anonymous said...

objection this object- hey how did mia get to be a lawyer instead of phoenix!! cool but michael can you play phoenix wright with mia as the attorney please?