Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Internet

The Internet here at the University isn't working right now, so everyone in the building has collapsed from a heart attack and flocked to the local public library for free Internet.

Personally, I find it amusing when people overreact to not being able to access their email. I like email just fine, but it's always better to call someone and actually talk with them. And it's always best to actually see the person you're trying to communicate with, you know? I'd rather be with my friends than email them.

I know that seems obvious, but there are people nowdays who are so absorbed with Internet stuff that they have no interest whatsoever in talking to others in real life. Those people are really rude, and it's not that they're mean-spirited; it's that they just don't care about having normal conversations, and in the really bad cases, they don't care for dealing with other people at all. That offends me. How could you not care about other people?

Let's hope this isn't a trend, and the people in the future will know that talking to people is better than not talking to people.

Speaking of which, what are you doing reading this blog entry? Get off the computer and hang out with your friends. Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that I don't have really have I r l friends. I have a huge case of social anxiety & a lot people don't like me becuz of that. The Internet is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Sofia said...

I'll plead guilty on this one.

I really don't go outside anymore. Once in a while, I'll take a walk with my mom, or play frisbee with my dad, but, other that that, the only times I go outside is to get into car to go somewhere.

As for the phone conversation-online conversation thing, I agree. Now, all everyone does is email and text each other. Which gets annoying because all of my friends seem to love typing like this;

"heeyy whts up h0w u d0!n?"

I don't see how it is so hard for the world to just use proper grammar. I try to call my friends, so I can actually understand what they say, but no one ever answers their phone. Instead of saying, "I'll call you later." They'll say, "text you later" or "IM me later."

The universe has become complete slaves to technology.

mysterydrew said...

so your saying i should stop reading this blog, lol, no way!

Anonymous said...

I can picture it now in the year 3016 everyone will have no contact with face to face you can only communicate by Internet and cell phone. we all have jobs at home. the only way you get married is by launching yourself from one house to the next. and when you do go out everyone will pass out. Animals will think you are a rare species. PICTURE IT- Ethan

CreateForLife said...

I am not obsessed with the Internet but it is helpful on a daily basis. But your always posting videos online so your technically on the internet as well. I don't know what i just said. :#

Kira said...

That's why I haven't joined Facebook, like everyone else. And I normally use email for quick things, but all in all, I prefer in-person conversations. And what am I doing reading your blog post? I'm reading it 'cause I love your blog, Michael!

Anonymous said...

haha last sentence. Makes it sound like people who always hang out with friends are rude :P. Jk, you have a really good point ;) And even if I had to give up the rest of the internet, your blog is definitely something I'd keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

I like the internet, but I completely agree with you. My college is moving toward more and more online stuff. I mean, my Philosophy class has the entire book online! I can't stand things like that because to me, the written word is far better. It's certainly less overwhelming. The older I get, the more I try to get back to the good ole days. When I was a kid, you couldn't get me INSIDE, unless it was to watch the Rugrats or something. Kids used to play outside much more, cartoons were much better, and the internet was just a hobby. Now, the internet is becoming a part of our lives to such an extent that many cannot function without it. If we aren't careful, we'll end up like this:


Anonymous said...

I know. I hate email so much i dont even have one. it is stupid BTW, do you see the shadow @ the waters edge minigame? it ROCKS