Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More School Stuff

I checked my mailbox today, and all the mail was for someone named Julio. I asked the people in the mailroom about it, and they said that everyone got a new mailbox this year.

Well, that's just fine and dandy, but which mailbox is my new one, and what's the combination to open it?

They wrote down my new mailbox number and combination on a form. Apparently, I was supposed to pick up my form on Monday. I didn't do that, so they put the my mailbox.

So basically, I have to open my mailbox to get my mailbox combination. Perfect.

The person in the mailroom was able to open my mailbox for me, but it was still kind of ridiculous.

In other school news, I've finished my first week of classes. The elective I'm taking is Spanish 2, which is what you'd expect it to be. Espanol esta bien, mas or menos. Mi vocabulario es mas grande que los otros estudiantes porque de mi trabajo en lenguas antiquas. Mi problema es no pienso en espanol. Cuando quiero decir algo, yo pienso sobre que quiero decir en ingles y lo tranduco en espanol. Necesito pensar en espanol.

Another class I'm taking is epistemology, which is totally epistemological. Epistemology is the study of knowledge. How do people know things? What can people know? How long will it be before I can spell "epistemology" correctly? These are the sorts of questions that the class will hopefully answer.

It'll be another week or so before school really gets started, because there are three or so programs that don't start until two weeks in, just to make things simpler for the new people. My assignments will be sacristy duty, playing piano (provided I pass the audition), and tour guide. Yep, tour guide. I've got four groups ready for tours of the seminary already. It'll be an interesting ministry, to be sure.


Anonymous said...

is anyone in your campus a fan of your walkthroughs? cuz’ if they are, that fan is pretty luck to meet u!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your week wuz way more interesting than mine all i did is sit around doing nothing because school doesnt start till tuesday :)


Elena said...

Wow! You know alot of Spanish! I can only speak English and some French. A tiny bit of Spanish. My school starts up in a few days, but today I get to see which class I'm in. Good Luck!

~ Elena

Anonymous said...

That's kind of weird that they would put it in your mailbox! How would you get it open? I <3 your videos!

Hippodameia said...

Ah, espaƱol. I tested out of all the Spanish language classes at the college I'm currently at, so they put me in a Spanish literature course. I'm the only freshman there, which is pretty awesome, but I'll probably transfer, as there obviously aren't enough language opportunities for me here.

My inner grammar nerd would also like to point out that "porque de" is normally not grammatically correct, that you would use a phrase such as "a causa de" instead. Also, the verb "traducir" is an irregular boot verb, so the "yo" form would be "traduzco" rather than "traduco" in order to preserve that "sss" sound. Phonetic constancy is big in the language.

I'm glad you're liking your school. I'm at a religious school (not a seminary, though) and I absolutely hate it. The religious services are mandatory and boring, the people are oppressive and repressive, and I feel a bit like an outcast. The only friend I have right now is my roommate because she generally feels the same way I do. The classes are really limited in scope because everyone's so paranoid about praising God with words rather than testing their own potential. That's real glorification, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

To habla bueno espanol. I speak Spanish to. But I hope you have a good school year.

CreateForLife said...

I taking Spanish 2 as well!

Sofia said...

Ah, lucky. My school is boring. I only have one teacher that I actually like. I'm going to take Spanish, but I don't start until next semester. Until then, I have cooking and music. Except I really wanted computers and art. :[
I would be much better in those. I can't cook for my life xD