Saturday, September 4, 2010

Justin Bieber's Back to the Future!

Woah-oh-oh! Apparently, people do not like like the idea that Justien Bieber could be in a Back to the Future remake.

I dunno, I think that could be amusing. Specifically, I'm thinking of the scene where Marty's band fails the rehearsal. Imagine how they'd do that scene with Justin Bieber in the main role...

SCENE: School Gym. Marty and his band are playing Baby.

Marty: Baby! Baby! Baby! Wuh-oh-oh!
Audition Man: (speaking in megaphone) STOP! STOOOOP! JUST STOP!!!!
Marty: (stops playing and looks confused)
Audition Man: You are WAY TOO BAD to play at the school dance! We want people to enjoy the dance, not run away screaming! For the love of bacon, never sing again!
Marty: Oh noes!
Audition Man: And besides, you dress like a little old lady! And you need a haircut And--

SCENE: Outside school. Twenty minutes later, when the rant has ended. Marty is walking slowly, depressed that he failed the audition. His girlfriend Jennifer sneaks up on him and gives him a sideways hug.

Jennifer: Hey, Marty. You looked bummed. Is it because your mom made you wear her sweater today?
Marty: It's not my mom's sweater! It's my sweater! I always dress like this!
Jennifer: Really? Why?

Some of the other scenes in the movie could be amusing, too, like the brand-new ending where Lorraine falls in love with George because "compared to Marty, you're the coolest kid in school". So hey, it might not be the WORST remake ever! At least, it'll be facing stiff competition for the "worst remake ever" category from the other six remakes that are coming out that year.


Katia said...

Oh gosh even Justin Bieber could screw that up! Worse he would probably sing at the end too.

Caittie said...

in my opintion i couldn't really see Justin as Marty, he just wouldn't work right with it. but on the other hand we haven't seen Justin Act before... By the way, i've seen only parts of Back to the future. After all i am only nineteen lol

But i'm all up for a remake of Back to the future, as long as they choose really good actors that have experiance. like for Doc i was thinking someone who can actually make him funny, but still good.

Okay okay enough blabbing from me. lol

- Caittie

Anonymous said...

Good News:Atleast my friends will be happy about this
Better News:if the remakes fail ill have something to laugh about
Awful News:Nightmare sequence!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very tired of remakes and unnecessary sequels. They make me feel like the only thing the movie-makers want is to get money, not tell a story.

One remake I did not mind was The Karate Kid. The story and acting improved in the recent version. I still like the original, of course, but the remake seemed more profound.

Sofia said...

I would still hate to see him in a Back To The Future remake. He can't act at all. And all of his little fangirls wouldn't even go to see the movie for Back To The Future, they would only go to see his girly face on the big screen. I've only seen him act once...on an episode of True Jackson VP. He was terrible in my opinion. That kid needs to stay away from t.v. Or better yet, the singing and acting industry altogether.

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