Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Nancy Drew Things

1. There's a new Nancy Drew newsletter with a release date for the next game. Read read read read!

2. There's a new video interview with staff members from the first Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. Watch watch watch watch!

3. I'm not making this up, but the newest Nancy Drew comic book is going to be called Nancy Drew: Vampire Slayer. They have a picture of Nancy with a crossbow on the cover, and I'm pretty sure this is either a prank, or the greatest Nancy Drew/Buffy crossover story ever.


Anonymous said...

Good info.

Anonymous said...

The third one sounds *AMAZING! Very nice info! :)


*Sung like Frosty

Michael Kelley said...

Thanks for the information!! The video was funny, and it was cool getting to see the people behind the series. Seem like very nice people! :)

Sofia said...

Yay! The vampire thing looks awesome. I'm not really a fan on her comic books, but I'm a Buffy fan, not a Twilight fan, so I might just get this one.

Kira said...

Yay! Can't wait for your walkthrough of Secrets Can Kill Remastered.

Anonymous said...

I love these comics.