Friday, August 13, 2010

Nancy Drew Rap

Hey, everyone! I've got a special blog-exclusive video.

On my last blog post, Cat asked me to look around in the sound files for Secrets Can Kill, in hopes of finding some kind of rap song.

Long story short...

I found it.

Of course, such an awesome song requires an awesome music video, with clips from the different Nancy Drew games. Please, share your suggestions as to which video clips I should use.


Anonymous said...

You could make the video about the evolution of the Nancy Drew games.

Or maybe when she cathes the culprit at the end of each games. But it couldn't last only 52 sec...

So... It's your choice ;)


Cat said...

You could start off with the beginning of CLK when she's driving up. For creepin' crawlin' you could use that bit in the cornfield from TOT before she overhears Debbie and Frosty. That's all I came up with. Thanks sooooo much for the video.

Anonymous said...

Nice Rap!
Anyways maybe you should some scenes sck+remastered since thats the game where the rap came from
Oh and did you notice the "like a bullet from a gun she arrives at the scene"? People were wondering where that came from...

Sofia said...

Awesome!! Nice rap!

Anonymous said...

you should show big island mike from #15. he is one of my favorite charaters :).


Anonymous said...

you're kidding me right I didn't even understand the words but that was awsome and funny

Anonymous said...

Here are the lyrics that I found:

Like a bullet from a gun
She arrives on the scene
A young detective
Who doesn’t know the meaning of
When she’s hot on the case
No time to waste
When you’re face to face
With an evil that is looking
But you just can’t see it
Persist, persevere
And the problem will disappear
You say you in a jam
And you don’t know what to do
Get down with the Drew Crew

Creepin’ and crawlin’
Sneakin’ in a weed
Get over the horizon
Who could it be?

N to the A to the N, C, Y
Doesn’t battle with her fist
But with her mind
All the time
When she’s solvin’ a mystery
Bad boys and girls
You’re history
Locked up
Where your choices are few
A resident of the room without a view
Do the crime
And it’s time you will do
Another victim of the
Drew Crew

Kira said...

Maybe at the beginning, with the "arrives at the scene" part, you could show that shot from Secrets Can Kill with the outline of Jake's body where it fell down the stairs? And maybe, "when you're face to face" you could have a screen shot of the face of one of the most evil culprits of the Nancy Drew games? And (super random) at "you say you in a jam" you could show the jam you can make a sandwiche with on Danger on Deception Island? Hahaha. And more suggestions--at "Doesn’t battle with her fist But with her mind" you could show a puzzle that she has to solve that's either really hard or at the end of the game, before you meet the culprit.

madi said...

lol this is awesome!!!!!

Sofia said...

I think when it says "doesn't battle with her fist but with her mind" you should do when she was blocking the bad guy [I don't want to spoil then ending so I won't say the name]in Danger by Design.

And when it says "Sneakin in a weed" when she was hiding in the corn field in Trail Of The Twister.

Anonymous said...

I made a pitch-fixed version! Like yours, it's unlisted. I just used the VirtualDub color cube for video, lol....

Anonymous said...

Hey you the Nancy Drew walkthrough dude!!! I recognize the name (and people say I'm not observant). I think you should go into voice acting (I don't have a youtube account nor do I want one)since I heard you do an Irish accent and 2 Jim Henson Muppets in the Haunting of Casle Malory.

I would play my own ND games but I don't have a computer to play them on-it failed on me AGAIN. I also heard you say the N,to the A, to the N,C,Y on the same game mentioned above so I had to figure out where it came from.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing a story which you can say is a tribute to Nancy Drew. I just wish someone would test the first chapter (Note if you do the frank in the story isn't the Hardy Boys Frank)

Anonymous said...

One of your fans (I know she's a fan because of other on the side of her "account" there's a video that says your youtube username and than moments)well if you every contact her on there tell her that Celoptra likes her trailer spoofs of the ND games.

Anonymous said...

can ANYONE tell me where to find the lyrics to this song