Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I don't really listen to music anymore.

My college had an on-campus late night hangout where you could get food until 2:00 AM. I went there every night to get a chicken quesadilla, and about 70% of the time, there was a band or DJ playing onstage. Most of it hurt my ears, and I often wished the people could go away and take their bad music elsewhere, so I could eat my food in peace.

I suffered through the music almost every night for a several months, and after analyzing the results, I think I determined the problem.

Loud music does not equal good music.

Yes, that's the root of the problem. The bands and DJs all played with the speaker system on maximum. Some prankster must have told them that everyone loves it when the music is so loud that you can't actually hear the singer(s). Instead, all you can hear is BAM BAM BOOM BAM CHI-CHOW WOW WINGALING WOOOM!

It's kind of bad when I can see the singing screaming into the microphone, but I can't actually hear the singer. Although, if the singer is screaming instead of singing, not being able to hear him might be a good thing.

I think that must be why I don't like hip hop music very much. People like to play their hip hop music so loudly that it can stun a buffalo. I prefer soft music to loud music. In fact, now that I think about it, I usually play my TV at less than a fourth of maximum volume. I guess I just don't like loud things.

Anyway, that's why I don't really listen to music anymore. On the whole, it's too loud. Also, a lot of so-called "musicians" don't actually play instruments, which confuses me.


Emma said...

I like broadway musicals. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Same. But know what? I mostly only listen to NON-singing music, like the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack... :D :P

Michael Kelley said...

I've never understood why some people like ear-splitting music. Me, just put on "Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman" by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer... Or any Keith Green song, and I'm happy. :)

Anonymous said...

hahah!! What do you hear?

Kira said...

Sounds like the music my crazy neighbors play. >_<

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy loud music. Rock music, anyway. I can't stand any of that rap or hip hop. It just doesn't seem like real music to me.
But I enjoy loud music, but not the super loud music, like, the kind that makes everything in your room shake. 0_0
My neighbors play this super-loud music [In their cars!] And it's so loud, that everything in my bedroom shakes. My dad tries to call the police on them all the time, but I don't think the police try hard anymore. My neighbors DON'T STOP. :[

Twizzler206 said...

My friend came up with a saying: Music is like candy, throw out all the wrappers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can't stand rap or hip-hop. I listen to country,and sometimes rock. (Three Days Grace, Green Day, etc. etc. etc.)

Anonymous said...

Haha, Michael. Listen to Taylor Swift xD.Well, i like rock songs like Paramore and etc, but not really loud crashing smashing songs that ruins your speakers :)
It's just that I like bands/singers, only when it comes to their reputations and how uniquely they sing :)

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