Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Videos

I've got more videos for Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. Now, some people have wondered, "Michael, are you more quiet in these videos?", and the answer is YES. Thanks to audio editing, the audio now plays at 80% sound levels, instead of the speaker-breaking 100% volume. At parts where the sound is super-loud, I lower it to 60%.

See, I can't see the sound levels while recording. So, oftentimes, I break the sound levels (ie. go over 100%), which sounds really bad because it always involves the crackling sound of my speakers being attacked. Thanks to lowering the volume in editing, I'm able to avoid this problem all together.

As I said about music recently, sometimes quieter is better.


Anonymous said...

Really great videos, Michael, and your picture is in the game!!! :) Woohoo!

Joker's-Gurl said...

Hmm. I didn't even think of that. As for things being quiet, I have to agree. I like being able to hear, thank you. However, I do enjoy your moments of extreme loudness but it all depends on the kind of mood I’m in at the time. If I don’t feel like listening to you be loud I merely turn the volume down. Anyway, I’m glad you found a new way to improve your videos!

Anonymous said...

i have to say i was laughing the whole thime you were making a HUGE
deal about your picture.

' "... and if you ply this game yourself and go to the area were Connie is you'll notice that my picture's here on the students of the month-HERE IN SEPTEMBER- ITS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!! (panting)

-ten mins. of freaking out later and a few seconds later...-

when you are talking to Connie...
' "TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL JUST LIKE ME! Connie, did you see my pic. over there on the wall i'm studnt of the mounth for September CANT YOU HERE ME-she cant here me shes just a charictor in a computer game-darn...' "(a little while later)...WA WA WA I- I GO TO THAT SCHOOL!! AWWWW Connie THINKS IM A SELFCENTERED JERK!!!!!" '

after you talk to connie...
' " MY PITCURE IS IN THE GAME!!!!!!!..." '

oh and before i forgeg, my birthday is in SEPTEMBER WOHO

Miriam said...

That volume control thing would've been helpful in your walkthrough of Message in a Haunted Mansion, part 6.
"Oh, hey, it's the message in a haunted mansion...
^ Cracks me up every time I show someone that part (and can potentially crack my eardrums if I'm too slow with the volume button...)

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael,
Your vidéos of Nancy Drew's games help me every times puzzles make me crazy ! Thank you for audio because I can practice my english whith it (i'm french)and I appreciate your sense of humour ! Thank you for all because I think you must spend many time to do this so perfectly !
Courage for your studies, respect for you for your vocation and good games !
Bonjour de France.
PS : Please, excuse my english...

Sofia said...

Omg Michael, you're freaking out over your picture in the Student Of The Month thing made me crack up laughing.

And, speaking of your Message in a Haunted Mansion scream, my little brother [who's declared himself your #1 fan] makes me go on YouTube and play that video over and over and over again. He loves it.
Sometimes he'll just run into my room and go, "Hey look, it's a Message in A Haunted Mansion....DAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE THE MANSION NOW?!?!? OOHHH I'M AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

Hahaha you're hilarious, dude.

Anonymous said...

How did that "caller" get Nancy's number, anyway?

Katia said...

I'm so excited YOU'RE IN THE GAME! Also that Mitch guy is pretty creepy, as he was in the first game.

Anonymous said...

Michael, are you going to do the rap you did at the end of Secrets Can Kill Remastered like you did at the end of Secrets Can Kill?

Anonymous said...

can you play titanic hidden adventures?