Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mini-Vacation, Mario

I'm taking a mini-vacation this week. Mom and Dad are going out of state, so they need someone to stay at our house and take care of Snickers (the dog). That means I have to drop whatever I'm doing and start watching the dog. Boy, it sure is nice to feel wanted at my house!

I also need to keep an eye on my little sister, the one who just got her driver's license. I need to make sure she's fed, and take her out for walks three times a day so she gets enough exercise, and--no wait, that's Snickers. For my sister, I just need to make sure she's fed, even though I'm pretty sure she knows how to get food by herself by now.

I said earlier that my sister wants a new car. Well, scratch that. She has a new car: a 2007 Jeep. That's right; Dad got a car for my sister after she got her license.

Dad did not get me a new car when I got my license; I got grandma's old 1992 Honda. When my other sister got a license, she got a hand-me-down car, too. But somehow Miss Baby of the Family gets a new car without having to work for it. Totally unfair!


Anyway, I reached the end of Super Mario Galaxy 2! It's about a fifteen-minute level, with a boss battle against Bowser.

And here's the ending which follows:

There are about fifteen more stars, including the Super Difficult Special Stars. I tried getting a few of them, and it was quite a challenge. I think I might want to stop playing the game here, instead of chasing after the tough special stars.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about the "new" car, when I got my license I wanted to get a Hybrid or electric car. But of course my older brother got a car. So, now I ride my bike or use my moms mimi van.
- Izzy A.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know you had 2 sisters.

Kira said...

Yeah, I never finished Super Mario Galaxy 2 because of those green stars that were really hard to get.

Lisa said...

my dad has a jeep too and i LOVE 2 ride,the wind in ur hair is great and if it's warm day too.