Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I get the feeling I've talked about this before, but I'll say it again: I'm one of the people who doesn't see 3D movies. It's mainly because I think the idea of fake 3D is kind of stupid, but also because it costs extra money and hurts your eyes. My eyes are kind of sensitive to stuff like that, just from all the reading I've done in Greek. Squiggly letters in small print aren't friendly on the eyes.

Another problem with 3D is that movie theaters--at least, the ones around here--are really behind the times, technology-wise. Maybe 3D and HD and WhateverD looks good on an all-digital twenty-foot plasma screen, but we don't have those. We still have the exact same screens that they used when the theater opened decades ago. They're old and dusty and not going to be replaced anytime soon.

Also, the theater still uses a projector that takes film. Film projectors. That is seriously outdated technology, by jingo. And of course, the projector makes little scratches and things on the film, which is why when you're watching a movie, occassionally you see a little blob of nothing in the upper/right, even though the movie reel is brand new.

To be honest, though, even if I saw a 3D movie on a top-of-the-line Blu-Ray quality screen, I probably still wouldn't think of it as anything other than a gimmick. I just...can't think of a situation that calls for fake 3D. I could understand wanting to colorize the old Shirley Temple movies, for example, but I couldn't understand wanting to put them in 3D.

Which brings me to videogames. Nintendo is coming out with a new system called the 3DS, which is in...dun dun dun...3D! All the reviews so far say that the 3D works great/perfectly/better than the US economy. But...they can't show us any pictures of it.

The 3DS comes with a slider that controls the 3D effect. You can turn it on full or you can turn it off completely. The way I see it, there are two ways this is possible.

1. Each game will come with a 3D version and a 2D version. That seems like it could be a lot of work for programmers.

2. The slider controls the depth of the 3D projection. Say, the full 3D effect is four inches. Turning the slider to halfway makes it project two inches. Turning it off will make it project a really short distance, like a milimeter, so it looks like the effect is off, even though it's not.

Either way, the fact that you can play the 3D games in non-3D brings up a question: how important is it to have the 3D effect? It can't be absolutely necessary to the gameplay, because you can play the games without it. So...if it's not absolutely necessary, why is it there? Is it just a gimmick, or is it really important?

I'm trying to think of a situation where 3D effects would be absolutely necessary, but I can't think of any so far. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I don't really like 3D movies all that much either.

Kira said...

Yeah, I'm really not one for 3D either, but I want some of the new games coming out for the 3DS. If the new games don't play on my ancient DS from 2006, then I'll be getting a 3DS. I guess even if the 3D doesn't matter, it's still a fun feature a lot of people will like.

Joker's-Gurl said...

I can't watch 3-D movies. I strained my eyes when I was younger by reading too much and now it gives me migraines to see 3-D. Besides, they're kind of annoying. It's cool to see the movie on this super-large screen and have surround sound... but anything after that is pretty much over-kill in my book.
Also, saying that something is better than our economy isn't really that big of a compliment if you ask me.
As for the new DS, I'd rather use the one I have. At least I know how to work it and I don't need to worry about some fancy new technology getting messed up.

Riley said...

I'm a bit halfway when it comes to 3D movies, because some movies like Alice in Wonderland and Avatar were really good with 3D, but recently all of the movies coming out have 3D, and they're not really worth watching that way. When I went to watch Toy Story 3 with my family one day, we decided to see it in 3D, but honestly I didn't see so much 3D effects in there and it made me think that it isn't totally worth it to see EVERY movie that has 3D in 3D, if you know what I mean.
On the subject of the 3DS, the concept it has sounds promising, but I'm still a bit confused on how it works. I want to wait to see how it turns out when it comes out, but right now I'd take either that or the DSi since my Lite just broke on me...again. :(

Anonymous said...

I don't like 3D movies because I don't have very much depth perception so basically it doesn't work for me since I can barely see in 3D in real life.

Anonymous said...

The 3D affect isn't in the game cards. It's in the screens. which explains the slider that allows you to turn it off.

seema said...

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