Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three Things

1. It's August, everyone! That's the last month of summer, so...I hope all your summer projects are wrapping up.

I have three or so summer projects left to be completed. One is the video walkthrough for Super Mario Galaxy 2, and another is the video walkthrough for Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney: Investigations. I'm working steadily on them, but I don't know when they'll be done.

My other project is editing a rather longish e-book (about 100,000 words long). It's gone through the first three or so phases of editing alreay. [Edit: "already"] Now, I just need to make all the links work, and read through the entire thing one more time, looking for typos or grammatical errors.

2. @ Joker's-Gurl: That's an amazing story. I'm glad I was able to help, even if I didn't know it. It's really amazing how often people help each other without being aware of it. I can think of times in my life when someone has made a huge difference to me...and I'm sure if I told the person about it, he/she wouldn't remember.

It's a good lesson for people to know. People generally want to do big, important things in their lives, but oftentimes, it's the small, unimportant things you do that end up making a huge difference for others. Like smiling at other people and making them feel welcome. I don't think it's a big deal when I do that to people, but I've met with a few people who told me afterwards that it was a really big deal for them.

So, be good to other people. You'll help them more than you know.

3. Several people have told me that the Avatar Aliens are actually called Na'vi.

As in...Navi, Link's fairy friend in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?

That's awesome.


Miriam said...

"It's gone through the first three or so phases of editing alreay."
^ I guess that blog post hadn't. Heehee. :)
Looking forward to seeing the conclusions of Edgeworth and Super Mario Galaxy :D

Joker's-Gurl said...

Thank you for not reacting... badly, I suppose you could say. I had never said those things to anyone and the time I decide to admit it, I do it through the Internet where everyone can see. Ha. Probably an error in judgement on my part, but I'm still glad that you know it.
It was very nice of you to reply. I didn't expect you to and I was shocked when I saw my pen-name (If that's what it's called? User-ID or whatever, I don't care)
You are right-- everyone is inter-connected, even across the country people can still do something to change some one's life.
One thing though, I don't find my story amazing. Merely because I won't find it amazing until I do something good with the second chance I've been given. But again, thank you.

Sofia said...

I finally finished my report! So now I can go back to reading good books, instead of the BORING ones I was forced to read. Speaking of good books, have you ever read Everlost and/or the Skinjacking series by Neal Shusterman? It's one of the best books EVER! I just got book two, Everwild, and I'm forcing myself to not read it because I'm saving it for the long car ride when my family and I drives to Pennsylvania on Tuesday. It's awesome, I already read the first hundred pages, and it is AWESOME. You should totally read it!
p.s. Joker-Gurl, I read your story that you posted, it was very inspiring. Very touching, it made me smile. :]

Sofia said...

P.s. Michael, HER posted the SCK Remastered cover, and it turns out it's not one,two, or three. It's sort of like two, which is ironic because everyone on your blog said either one or three. I actually like it, though.

Kira said...

Wrong Navi, Michael. Navi is annoying. The Na'vi (aka Avatar Aliens to you) are awesome. :-D