Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister

Adventure strikes again in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister, and I am proud to say that my video walkthrough for this game is now complete!

The game was finished in 21 videos, and there are a number of bonus videos, including death scenes, easter eggs, bloopers and three music videos.

I had a lot of fun while making this video walkthrough, and it's always interesting to see the comments that people make. Some people pick up on things I didn't even notice, like the fact that Frosty mentions Lori Gerard at one point. Some people make convincing arguments for why one suspect or another is the real culprit. And some people just want to be the first to comment on a video with an insightful comment like, "First!"

Sometimes, I think I do a bad job of commentary. For example, at the part of the game where Nancy confronts Frosty, I wanted to say something along the lines of, "And now, it's time for Nancy to go into Sassy Detective Accusation Mode again!" But instead, I flubbed my line and did a slight improv by saying, "I'm going to confront Frosty: one on one, sassy detective to bald-headed guy!". A lot of comments on the video are about how funny the bald-headed guy line is. So the moral of the story is that sometimes, messing up my commentary works for the best!

I think that tomorrow, I'm going to write a short fanfiction about Trail of the Twister, where the culprit is really Dwayne Powers and his villainous new cohort.


Anonymous said...

First!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha


Kira said...

Gee, you really enjoy Dwayne Powers, don't you? Maybe he'll pop up in another game if you write to the people making the ND games.

Anonymous said...

Haha can't wait to read your TOT fanfiction!!!!!! What did you think of the Shadow at the Water's Edge trailer? I thought it was freaking sweet!!!!! =DDD

Anonymous said...

I just won ToT it was so good, i loved the ending. One of my favoites.

Anonymous said...

How come at the end of ToT Nancy was writing Ned but she didn't or couldn't call him in the game? I really like Ned.

Great job as usual on the walkthrough, btw.

Anonymous said...

"I must admit that the man has NO TALENT"
Dwayne Powers

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't wait to watch the rest! I will totally read that fanfiction! :)


Anonymous said...

I knew that Scott was behind it all.I knew this because Scott was talking to Brooke.

P.S. Your great

Anonymous said...

I can't belive that Scott was behind it all.I just thought he was comeparing notes with Brooke.

Well you know what they say:

"Alls well that ends well"


Kira said...

Um thanks, anonymous person. You just ruined the end of the game for me. >:-( If that person really is the culprit.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't expect to know everything about a point-and-click game, and it's not the first time you missed something. I really wish you knew about the speaker behind the air vent in Message in a Haunted Mansion. But what is done is done.