Friday, July 2, 2010

Michael Sees Toy Story 3

The first thing I realized while watching Toy Story 3 is that I hate having to watch 20 minutes of not Toy Story 3 before the movie starts. And no, you can't just show up 20 minutes late to the movie, because there are no more seats left when that happens.

I know I complain about previews every time I see a movie, but back when I was a kid, they would only have one preview before a movie, and even then, everyone would fast-forward through it on the VCR machine.

When I first heard about the plot to the movie, I said, "That sounds like The Brave Little Toaster," which is a movie the Toy Story guys made before Pixar. And sure enough, the movie did remind me of The Brave Little Toaster, especially since both movies have big dramatic finales at the exact same location.

I'm told that I'm not allowed to give spoilers about the movie...which kind of makes it hard to write about the movie. I mean, how can I talk about the movie if I'm not allowed to talk about things that are in the movie?

Buzz is cool in this movie, but that's because Buzz is usually cool. Woody is his normal self. I never really liked Woody. He's not very funny. Plus, he throws too many hissy fits for my tastes. But underneath all that, he's very concerned about his friends, which is nice of him. I still like Buzz better.

The movie is on the same par as the other Toy Story movies. If you liked the other ones, you'll like this one, which is good. I haven't seen any Pixar movies since "The Incredibles", which I didn't like very much--it's a well-done movie; I just didn't like it--so I'm glad to see they made another film I liked.

I should see "Up", but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I saw a bit of "Ratatouille", and it looked okay, but the characters had French accents which were too thick for me to understand. My friend Paul says he fell asleep halfway through that movie, but since I started watching halfway through, that wasn't a problem.

Question: Why don't they have songs in Pixar movies? They had a few songs in Toy Story, especially that "You've Got a Friend in Me" song that they play a lot, but you never see the characters sing, like they do in, say, The Jungle Book. I know Walt Disney insisted on songs in his movies because he was a major fan of music, but do people not like songs in their animated movies anymore?

Side-note: For Monsters, Inc., they originally had Mike and Sully sing a song during the ending credits, but they replaced that with bloopers after a few weeks, as a sort of gimmick to get people to see the movie in theaters again. I kinda liked that song better than the bloopers.


Sofia said...

Cool! I liked the movie. I think my favorite part was Buzz speaking Spanish, though.

Anonymous said...

Even though Disney liked the whole music thing, Pixar wasn't a part of Disney when it first started making movies, I believe?

Anonymous said...

i really liked toy story 3, but i do think the others were better. and the 3D had absoloutly no affect for me. i really dont like
3D, its really silly and i would rather watch it in normal. but i still liked it.

Maddz said...

UP is a wonderful movie, but, be warned, YOU WILL CRY. There's no way you can NOT cry. I mean, really.

Kira said...

Maybe the other Toy Stories were better to other people, but I really liked Toy Story 3. I really enjoyed Buzz's Spanish mode, too, and at the end I was crying, which is NOT something I usually do at movies.

Jujubean said...

You really need to see Up. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. It is touching, cute, and funny.

I never saw Toy Story 2. I like the first Toy Story, but, after all of those Disney princess sequels that I didn't like, I am nervous about seeing both Toy Story 2&3. I heard there is a stuffed bear in the third one, so I might watch it just for that. ^__^

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie! It got my mom, older brother, and me to cry. I LOVED the Spanish Buzz!


Anonymous said...

Cried at the ending.................... do you think they will make a Toy Story 4? I hope they do (:.