Sunday, July 25, 2010


A few days ago, I bought a DSi XL, which is the latest handheld videogame device. I think I mentioned getting a DSi when talking about digital devices last month.

Well, the DSi is mainly a videogame-playing device, but it also comes with some other standard handheld device features, like a camera and a microphone. That means it can take pictures and record sounds (for ten seconds in a row, oh boy!). It also has an SD slot (ie. place for you to put a memory card into), which you can use to copy photos and play music.

There's also a message program where you can send messages to other people with DSis, or to your Facebook or whatever, but it's the "select one letter at a time" scheme, where you have to wait two seconds in between each letter selection. It's not good for writing.

Question: Does the Internet work on it?

Answer: Kind of!

I ran the Internet program through the toughest challenge it's ever faced: going to this blog. The blog entries came out perfectly fine! The pictures? Not so much. When I tried going to a website that has a lot of pictures (Facebook), the Internet started dying, and I couldn't do much of anything.

Conclusion: Internet is very good, if you only want to read text.

And you know, I don't mind using it for just reading books and stories and stuff. It's pretty handy to have a handheld book reader, in case I ever need one. Mainly, though, I'm going to use my DSi for playing videogames, because that's what it's made for.


Anonymous said...

yeah i have the DS lite. Its okay, but you cant really do that much on it. All I really do on it is play games!


Kira said...

Hahaha, I have the old DS, the one that first came out. And it's big and clunky, so the next DS I'll be going for is the 3-DS.

rizziman33 said...

You should have waited a little longer for the 3DS to come out. They're remakeing "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," for it.

Michael G. said...

I decided against waiting for the 3DS for a few reasons.

1. I'm not confident the "3D" thing is going to work.
2. The Ocarina of Time remake is not going to be a launch title.
3. The big screens on the DSi XL are better for reading books, which is one of the main things I'll do with the DSi XL.

Kira said...

I'll probably get the 3-DS just because they are coming out with a new Animal Crossing for it, regardless of how well the 3-D works.

Anonymous said...

i have a DSi, i really like it. mine is not the extra large one, mine is the one that they say its bigger than the normal one, but when you look at the instructions book it says its 0.004 inches yeah... but its really fun. the internet on it is really good for checking Email.
have fun!

Anonymous said...

i have a dsi xl and you know it's not that bad mine is red

Anonymous said...

You do realize that the 3DS, the next gaming console, will come out in March? It can do 3D!!!

Anonymous said...

The 3D feature DOES work. I've seen it myself. Don't like, that's OK! You can turn it off. And, they're trying their hardest to make Ocarina a launch title.