Monday, July 12, 2010

Crystal Skull, Test Video #2 is Up

All right, I made a second test video for recording Legend of the Crystal Skull. Compared to test video #1, the sound should be better, and the video should be larger.

What do you guys think about the animation quality, though? Is it good or bad? Should I go with this kind of recording, or jump back to the first test recording (using the enhanced audio, of course)?

I know it has to be better than the quality in my first run of the game, because I didn't learn about the ability to change the recording quality from "choppy" to "smooth". What company makes "choppy" their default recording setting?


Kira said...

Yeah, the sound was better, and I liked how it was set up better. But ... something's kinda funny with the smoothness of the video at first. This video test was better than your first, though. Also, I liked it when you talked along with the characters. Haha.

Sofia said...

I like this video better. Nice job. In the beginning of the video, though, the animation seemed like it was stuttering almost. It like, freezed for half a second while Nancy moved.

Maddz said...

Yep, the sound is MUCH better! And I'm glad that weird black around the edges thing is gone.

But I agree with what Kira and Sofia said, that the it was kind of slow and stutter-y, which was weird.


Twizzler206 said...

Yep, yep, yep the sound was a lot better. Are you going to make the rest of the walkthrough?