Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have just been informed that my latest Super Mario video is video #800. As in, this is the 800th video on my Youtube account.

It's technically not video #800 for me, because I've done some video walkthroughs on other channels, but still! Video #800! I didn't know I made so many. I might have tried harder on the commentary for this video if I knew it was so special. I think the only part of the commentary I worked on was the part where I talked about The Road to Oz.

Speaking of that book, here's a picture from it. It's supposed to be a picture of Polychrome the Rainbow's Daughter being taken back on the rainbow, but it's kind of hard to see:

It turns out the picture is supposed to be in color. The color really helps make it look like they're rainbow fairies.

I'll have more pictures about Polychrome tomorrow, but in the meantime, eight hundred videos! Wow!


Anonymous said...

Awesome 800 videos

Beatrice said...

800! You have come a long way! I didn't know you had so many videos! That's Amazing!

Lissamel said...

I loved Road to Oz ^^.

And congrats on 800 Videos!~

Sofia said...

800 videos?!
Whoa! :0

That's like, 800 more videos then I've done! Awesome job, dude!

Lisa said...

800 wow great-job
oh today is the 17
it's my birthday"yeah"
i'm 12 now yeahh