Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Videos

Not sure if this counts as a filler video or not, but I made a video of the cool dramatic music in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. It really intensifies the whole "a tornado is about to hit!" feeling.

Also, I had some fun at the start of video #13, with a ridiculous recap. I really like ridiculous recaps.

About 15 or so people have requested shoutouts in the past few days, so I've decided that I will do no more shoutouts. About 30 people have asked "When is the next video in the walkthrough being released?" and the answer to that is always "whenever I finish it".

How close am I to finishing the game? I dunno. I'm on Day 4 of 6 (I think), so that must mean I passed the halfway point.


Sofia said...

Lol I love the part when you see that girl from Buell's taffy house! I nearly fell off my seat laughing!

Alex C. said...

Hey, Michael...I'm currently playing Danger on Deception Island, and when you call Dr. Predoviciu and if you fail the wood test, she makes you do a puzzle. I passed the puzzle, and she isn't answering her phone. Do you know what I have possibly done wrong? tHnx

Anonymous said...