Friday, June 25, 2010

Trail of the Twister Walkthrough

All right, I'm back in town. I have a lot to say about my trip to Illinois, seeing a bishop's ordination, visiting the Lincoln museum, meeting family members I didn't know I had, and going to the National Shrine of St. Therese Lisieux, the Little Flower.

But first, I imagine people want to hear about my walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister.

I beat the game on Junior Mode and took notes about the various puzzles. My notes are basically a list of all the puzzles in the game, separated by day. Here are my notes in their entirity:

Day One

Do the filing
Take the computer quiz
Make a disaster kit by buying the right materials from Pa
Fix the town siren scheme
Fix the sprinkler system
See Chase and fix the dashboard

Day Two

Learn about photography with Frosty.
Fix the sensors in the field.

Day Three

Relocate prarie dogs
--Talk to Chase. He needs a bigger pipe.
--Talk to Pa. He wants you to fix his candy display before he gives you a pipe.
--Fix the candy display and get the pipe.
--Give the pipe to Scott.
--Take the pipe to Chase.
--Use the new prarie dog machine to relocate the prarie dogs.
Talk to Scott and learn that you should get rid of the mice
--Ask Pa about the mousetrap
--Fix the fujita scale display
--Get the mousetrap
--Get some cheese
--Use mousetrap in Scott's office
Examine whatever our late night saboteur did
Chase a Tornado

Day Four

Talk to Chase
See What's Up with The Antenna
Everyone leaves?
Snoop around When They're gone?
Learn about Frosty
Fix the TV

Day Five

Go storm chasing
Fix more equipment
Find Scott
Solve puzzles...

My notes for days four and five are really bad, because I forgot to take notes while I went along, and I had to guess/remember what I did then.

I took pictures of all the puzzle solutions. For example, here's the solution to the tricky Fujita Scale Puzzle, where you have to place 24 different notes on the board in the right locations.

I have ten or so pictures like that. When I replay the game, solving the puzzles should be easy now because I have all the solutions on hand.

The tough part now is getting all the awards, or what is called "unlocking all the achievements" in the world of videogames. There are twelve awards in total, and I only got three the first time around.

I'm pretty sure that you get Candy Dispenser by giving a lot of candy to people, and you get Quiz Wiz by getting a perfect score on the tornado quiz. I'm not sure how to get the easter egg, glass half full, homesteader, or super sleuth. It's going to be hard to unlock those awards when I don't know how to do that; I'll keep an eye out on the Nancy Drew message boards. Unless you guys out there have ideas?

Plus, I'm playing the special edition, so I should have a bonus thirteenth award. Hmmm...I wonder what it could be!

So I think I'm prepared to do my walkthrough on Senior Mode. It's just the awards odds and ends that I need to figure out.


Anonymous said...

Yeahhh I can't wait I can't wait good job (-: I'm wating for the stores tho to buy the game

Anonymous said...

i finished the game. It was ok, though I don't think it was the best ND game.

Anonymous said...

No, it wasn't the best, but it was still pretty good. I couldn't figure out the Fujita Scale so I actually looked up all the information on Wikipedia. I think the hardest puzzle in the game was placing the sirens and fixing the dashboard thing. The easiest ones were probably trapping mice and fixing the phone. Out of the awards, I got;
- couch potato [of course!]
- Glass half EMPTY [I don't know why you have full]
-Quiz Wiz
-Trivia Tamer

I don't know what the secret 13th one was, though, and I have the special Edition. I loved the bloopers at the end of the game, well, mostly Pa dancing. The easter egg is

Most likely in the mystery box at Ma and Pa's. Inside I think is a key to the Jacalope fight, with then gives you the egg.'s $ that's 9999 Pa pennies. I wasn't going to even attempt that. I didn't even ace the balloon thing at the barn once.

Anonymous said...

I know for the glass half full, Nancy has to respond to doing chores in a positive way. Like if someone asks her to fix something, she has to say "Sure!" or something of that nature rather than "If I have to..." or something of that nature. I looked on the message boards and people have info about the easter eggs there. And for the homesteader, I would assume that you have to play the arcade game a bunch of times. I have absolutely no idea about the Super Sleuth. Hope I helped!


Anonymous said...

*Spoiler Alert...kinda*

I'm sorry for posting again, but I heard that you could three easter eggs, one by placing certain candy outside of the spring house after you let the mice go, and another by doing something with the divining rod and the old prairie dog holes. The last one deals with the box in the shop. Not positive about all of them, but seems likely. Hope that helped...again! :)


Miriam :) said...

*spoiler* one of the multiple (?) eggs is found by opening the mystery box and putting the coin you get into the Jackalope machine.
Homesteader is for playing the strange little arcade game in the museum, which you'd probably end up doing a lot anyway to get the money for the box. :)

Alana said...

^^This is a link to a thread that explains how to get 3 of the eggs that were already found in Trail of the Twister.

^^& here's one discussing how to get the Super Sleuth award. I got it when I first played, but I think that's only because I got stuck at a point and looked literally everywhere I could to try and get my game back on track.

But I don't think you can view those threads without having an account on there (which I'm not sure if you do), so if you wanted me to copy and paste, say, the location of the eggs or something, I would be more than happy to do that :)

Hope that helps you Michael!

Anonymous said...

Alana, I have not gotten a single egg! Can you tell me an easy one?


Anonymous said...

I am having the worst time figuring out the county siren placing puzzle! Can you please like put up a picture of how it is suppose to look or like help me please?

Anonymous said...

Idk if my comment posted so sorry if there is 2 comments can you please help me on the County siren puzzle? I am having the worst time figuring it out! Please help! Can you put like a picture or something up to help me? thanks

p.s. i love watching all of your youtube walkthroughs! :)

Sassy Detective Michael said...

Never fear! Video #2 in my video walkthrough, which is being processed RIGHT NOW, contains the county siren puzzle! It's actually a rather easy puzzle...once you figure out how you're supposed to solve it.

Alana said...

Elizabeth :

Well, there's one that's relatively easy but you have to play through the game kinda far to get it...once you find the divining rod at the Spring House, you just take it to the farm, then poke it in 10 random original prairie dog holes, and you should get an egg. :) That's probably the simplest one, the only "trick" is playing through the game that far, hah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:04am- For the answers to the siren puzzle, follow this link-

Hope that I helped!

Carolyn Sacha said...

You were in Illinois??! You were so close to me and I didn't get to meet you!!! NOOOOO :(

IusetoliveinIL said...

How did you think of the O'hare airport? I think it's really pretty, since there are dinos there. :)

Kenlyn said...

I'm stuck in the game right now & I need help.....I can't find Scott & I don't know what 2 do next & nobody has anything for me 2 do?!?! Plz help

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the "Homesteading" award is for playing Land Rush a bunch of times, but that's just a guess.

Anonymous said...

i have some trouble with Chase a Tornado , the number puzzle is alittle hard

Anonymous said...

Kenlyn- Is there a piece of paper sticking out in Scott's drawer?

princessdaisy169- What puzzle is it?


Anonymous said...

Help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't figure out the number puzzle when you chase the tornado! again,HELP HELP HELP!

CreateForLife said...

I still have to wait like a week to get this game because I preordered it on Amazon and not HERinteractive. I could've just bought it tomorrow when it comes out. Oh well. I don't want two new TOT games. I am trying so hard not to look at the walkthroughs. Their so funny. My brother and I carack up all the time. :O

Anonymous said...

where is part 9?!?!i am not waiting anylonger!sassy detective i click you good-bye!

Anonymous said...

i dont undersatnd that puzzle when you chase the tornado and have to order the numbers?

Anonymous said...

can anyone help me with the Doppler puzzle (where you have to fix the radar on the chasing truck)? i dont get it at alll HELPPP

Anonymous said...

where are the pictures of ALL of the puzzles??

Anonymous said...

Easter Eggs:

Buy the mystery item at Ma and Pa's and use the token to start the antelope machine.

Leave a bit of Moon Chunk outside the Spring House after letting mice go and then go back to get a lightning egg.

SecretsRevealed said...

To get the easter eggs: First one you get by putting a Moon Chunks candy at the hole where you realease the mice at Spring House; come back the next day and it's there. The second one you get by taking the divining rod and putting it in every old prarie dog hole. And the last one you get by buying the mystery box and taking the coin inside and playing the jakalope game. Hope that helps :)

SecretsRevealed said...

If you wish to acheive all the awards: Big Spender- buy the mystery box. Candy Dispenser- give everybody their favorite candy twice. Couch Potato- Watch every program on TV. Easter Egg- Find at least one easter egg. Glass Half Full- respond positively to every chore you're given and keep positive in conversations. Homesteader- beat all 4 levels of Land Rush. Quiz Wiz- Get every question right on Twister Trivia. Sightseer- Drive to all the cloud spotting locations. Storm Spotter- take all the pictures of the clouds in the brown book and put them on the computer. Super Sleuth- click on every hotspot throughout the game. Sweet Tooth- make Nancy sick from eating too much candy, like 8 bars. Trivia Tamer- answer the final question correctly.
Hope that helps :)

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Where do you buy a mousetrap?

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Anonymous said...

I think to get the super sleuth award u have 2 look at all the weird spots in the game where you'll find nothing, like underneath the disaster kit. The game was pretty good but I like the scarier ones better. I did like the bloopers tho, they were unexpected.

Anonymous said...

I feel really silly, cannon figure out for the life of me how to get the Springhouse easter egg, help anyone?