Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trail of the Twister--Lots of Stuff!

Pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister are being taken today!

There's a new trailer for the game, too!

And if that isn't enough, there's a minigame for it that you can play online.

And someone might finish a video walkthrough for the demo later today...hint, hint...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I just pre-ordered the game today. [shipping is expensive, though =p] The new trailer looks great! Looks like Nancy's got to watch out from being killed in tornado's a lot in this game. But knowing the Nancy Drew Clue Crew, she might have to second chance a lot of them. =]

Anonymous said...

later today? awesomeeee :) i have been checking your channel everyday in hope that you'd have posted it! thank you michael & love your vids <3

Kira said...

Ooooh ... I bet Debbie's the culprit! Hahaha.