Sunday, June 6, 2010

Three Things

1. Wowsers, Twitter seems to be unpopular here. In its defense, I could see Twitter as being useful for video updates. If I had a Twitter, it'd look something like this:

Tweet #1) Mario Video #21 is done!
Tweet #2) Mario Video #22 is done!
Tweet #3) Mario Video #23 is done!

But there are easier ways to keep up-to-date with someone's videos than by using Twitter, so I won't bother.

2. My schedule this week is not well worked out. The only thing I have written on my calendar is this:

"June 8th is a Tuesday."

Which is helpful, I guess, but I really need to keep better notes about all the assignments I have to do.

3. In editing news, I edited another short work, this one being A Declaration of Faith by Saint Athanasius. It's only ten pages long, and it's got the original Greek text, along with a Latin translation!

Naturally, I'm helping myself to NOT forget Latin and Greek by translating this work, but it's kind of hard, because it deals with a lot of philosophical ideas from the 300's that we don't worry about anymore. For example, Plotinus' ideas about emanance.

Plotinus talks about emanence, which is when something comes out from another source. For example, light emanates from a light bulb. The philosophers were all up in arms about the question of emanance in regards to water. Does water emanate by spurting out, like water that comes out of a fountain, or does it emanate by flowing, like down a river?

I know it kinds of sounds like a dumb thing to have a debate over, but that's what some philosophers argued about back then. It was important to them because emanation is part of the Greek creation story, which is one of the ninety or so ancient Greek myths I can tell you if you're interested.

Anyway, yes, translating this work has been semi-difficult, because I've run into a few old ideas like that, but it's still interesting to read, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're keeping up with you're reading! :)

Just incase you haven't seen it!

Sassy Detective said...

That's going to be the subject of tomorrow's blog post. Today was emanation!

Anonymous said...

Yes sorry & very good it was too, i was just abit over excited at letting you know something you may not have known, which now i know you obviously did know :)
I look forward to tomorrows blog!

Anonymous said...

I love Pete's blog, and this one, of course. Pete doesn't post as much as Michael does, though.

Anonymous said...

"June 8th is Tuesday" That's so wierd! I had a book report due that day! Cool!