Monday, June 14, 2010

So, Book Editing

In my last entry, I mentioned online books. I actually do work for Project Gutenberg, a non-profit organization that makes online books. I've done 38 so far, and it's sort of a lot of work.

Google has a program called Google Books, which basically means they ran a bunch of books through their super-powered scanner and uploaded it to the web. So now you can read those books online whenever you want.

The problem is that Google has the computer do all the work, instead of having an actual human look at the book. For example, one book I'm editing now is called Mary, Help of Christians. Here is one of the last pages of the book, as told by Google:

a: s


SIS .ffijg

""■ i s

a s



Each, ■



Yes, for some reason, most of the page is missing in their version. But now that problem is never going to be fixed, because the book has already been processed.

Not to mention all the other problems that appear, like when the computer thinks the book has the word "vvho" instead of "who", or any number of common scannos. You need humans to proofread the work to make sure none of those computer errors get through. But Google doesn't have any humans proofread, so their book program is full of errors.

I think the point I'm getting to is that online books aren't good enough right now, so give me real books instead. And my summer location is right next door to a library, which is really cool.


Anonymous said...

Yeah,I agree. I's such a long process with those virtual books, and a lot of mistakes come out. Plus, after you buy like s Kindle or Nook, that is already around $200, you still have to buy the actual book. Maybe if after you bought the device the books were free, then I would probably but it, but, why not just buy the books and have the real thing?

Anonymous said...

Or just go to the library=$0!!

Christi said...

One of my classmates had a Kindle and it was big. I like normal books a lot more. And the library is pretty cool. You only have to pay if you mess up the book or you turn it in late.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who prefers real books to eBooks. Sadly, I don't get to the library enough, as the closest one is pretty small, and I never really knew where the bigger branch was. Fortunately, my house is full of books. Yay for real books!