Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts on the "Secrets Can Kill" Remake

Time has passed, and I've been able to think about the upcoming "Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill" remake.

It says the new game will be about 1 GB in size, which is the standard size they've used for Nancy Drew for a few years now. Just out of curiousity, I decided to see how large the original Secrets Can Kill game was.

Their page says 42 MB. Wow...I mean, obviously, the game is a bit bigger than that because most of the files are on the CD (whereas the modern games only use the CD for installation), but still. The new version is going to be loads bigger than the old one, which makes sense, because the old one is kind of short (if you know what to do ahead of time, you can speedrun it in less than 30 minutes).

I'll be interested to see if they try to duplicate the original game interface, or if they'll use the newer interface.

Actually, it'll be interesting to see if they'll still have the victim's VHS tape as one of the items in the game. Remember VHS tapes? Those things were fun.

I'm looking forward to calling Nancy's friends in this game. In the original, calling them was really optional, and kind of pointless. So I'm interested in seeing useful/interesting phone calls from them, because that's definitely something to improve on in a remake.

And some people pointed out that this could be the game with yearbook photos in it. That does sound like it could be the case. The release form said a game from 2010, instead of naming a specific game. However, if you remember, the contest accepted yearbook photos and artwork. Does this mean the artwork will appear in the game? Where? Off the top of my head, I can't think of any good spots for it, besides on one of the school walls. Will there be a new art room in the remake?


Anonymous said...

if you are ever bored some day then you should do a Nancy drew speedrun, it would be fun to see!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you're just going to have to do walkthroughs for both TOT and SCKR so we can all find out. =] I just won $50 in an essay contest, so now I can buy both games!!! Mwa hahahaha!

p.s. I'm on clubpenguin right now, trying to beat the new "veggie" mission. I need help getting through the corn maze! Anybody know how to beat it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the artwork will probably be on the school walls or something. And I'm curious about what SCK Remastered will look like, too ... just how much will it be remastered? And by the way, yes, I DO remember VHS tapes, and fondly, from my childhood of watching Disney movies on them.

Anonymous said...

Go to and there's a link to his mission walkthrough.
I beat it yesterday :)
~Watmel (that's my penguin name)

Anonymous said...

To Watmel-
Thanks! That's really helpful, but this morning I just figured out that to beat the corn maze you have to go in the order on that paper you found. But thanks for your help!
-Sofia a.k.a. on clubpenguin gutairsf

Anonymous said...

My club penguin name is Bella2068. Bella isn't my real name. ;)

Sarah said...

Wasn't there an art display outside the library in the original?