Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Job

I just got the details of my summer job worked out. On Friday, I'll be moving into a parish and living at the rectory. I'll be a basic, all-around worker, but my main job will be delivering crucifixes to parishoners. See, they people here bought a crucifix for every family in the parish, but a few hundred people didn't pick theirs up.

So I'm going to deliver crucifixes to over two hundred homes this summer. While doing this, I'll also try to solve the mystery of why two hundred families who used to go to weekly mass have stopped going. Did they move away without telling us? Did they become hippies? Have they decided they don't like organized religion, because disorganized religion is more their style? Or have they been disturbed by all the recent news reports about priest abuse scandals that took place 50 years ago? I dunno, but I'll try to find out, so we can help make things better. The church is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around, you know.

Also in the job sphere, IGN wants me to do a video walkthrough for Super Mario Galaxy 2, which has 240 different stars. It'll be a lot of work, but I'll get a free copy of the game out of it! So that'll be my other job for the summer. Looks like I'll be busy!

And of course, I'll play the new Nancy Drew game (Trail of the Twister) when it comes out on June 29th, for both PC and Mac. How exciting!


Anonymous said...

which nancy drew is coming out June 29? is it Trail of the twister or the remake of Secrets can Kill?

Kira said...

June 29th! Ooooh, I can't wait! I sincerely hope TOT will be just as good as Warnings at Waverly Academy.

Cat said...

Thanks for the Pajama Sam 2 walkthrough!

Anonymous said...

so the new game can be played on MAC?

Froggie said...

Dear Arglefumph,
I just found ou about your blog because I saw your videos on youtube and just wanted to say you are awesome!You have helped when in a jam on puzzles or what to do next on Nancy Drew games,especially my first ever Treasure in the Royal Tower.Anyway,since this is so long I'll go
You rock,Froggie

P.S Awesome scream in message in a haunted mansion!