Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pug's Adventures - The End

This is the last week of Pug's Adventures strips that I drew when I was employed as a cartoonist for six months. My contract ended on December 26th, so it was like getting fired for Christmas.

There's an interesting variation of comics for this week. Puns, a visual joke, and a rather obscure ancient Greek joke that no one understood. It's sort of all over the board.


Anonymous said...

aww...poor "Pug's Adventures".
p.s. yeah, I don't get the Greek one at all.

Anonymous said...

Pug's Adventures...*sniff* We shall miss you. I kind of get the Greek one, at least

Kira said...

That's ... sad.

Sarah LM Klauda said...

You could send these in to Funny Times or even MAD. MAD likes comics like these.

Joe Wolfboy said...

OK, man this is funny... why don't you continue the strip yourself and publish it here? Everyone would LOVE it!