Sunday, May 2, 2010

Majora's Mask

As you might know, my latest video walkthrough project is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which is the sequel to Ocarina of Time. Both these games deal with different time travel theories.

Ocarina of Time has Link travel seven years to the future where the evil bad guy rules the world, sort of like in Back to the Future II.

Majora's Mask has Link travel back in time to keep redoing the same three days over and over again, sort of like in Groundhog Day.

I have the first eleven videos for Majora's Mask finished and edited; all I have to do is record the commentary. It's taking me a long time, because I'm trying to do interesting things, like imitations, song clips and semi-constant jokes. It's more work than live commentary, but also more fun, and so far, I think things have been going well.

The latest video is Video #5, which starts after the first three-day-cycle of the game. I start off the video with a ridiculous DBZ-style recap. I always loved those recaps, and I think I'll keep doing them periodically throughout the walkthrough.


Anonymous said...

for the nancy drew games do you film the videos and then do commentary or do you do commentary as you are playing it?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 12:11-
I think he does the commentary as he is playing, you can mostly tell by the things he says- it doesn't sound like any of it has been planned out or added in.