Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waverly Academy Trailer Analysis Analysis

Last year, I analyzed this preview for Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy:

How much of my analysis was actually correct?

A crow will somehow be important in this game. = wrong
Nancy is in the common room = Right
Nancy is leaving from somewhere besides the common room = wrong
There's a library = right

So, my guesses were about 50-50.

What catches my attention about the Warnings at Waverly Academy trailer now is that about a third of the trailer comes from the first five minutes of the game. I wonder how much of the new Trail of the Twister trailer is from the start of the game...


Cat said...

Well, the raven was a little important. If you had thought it was a raven, I think there would have been Poe remarks in your analysis.

Anonymous said...

Cat is right. You were on the right track with the crow, except what you thought was the crow was actually a raven. The raven was important to the story since it's the name of a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe. Part of the mystery in this game involved Poe, which I really enjoyed. Especially considering the fact that Poe was the inventor of the detective story, so without him there would be no Nancy Drew today.