Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trail of the Twister Preview

The latest Nancy Drew newsletter came out today, and it's all about their upcoming game, Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister.

It comes complete with pictures and a description of the game. Once again, there have been mysterious accidents somewhere, and Nancy is called in to investigate. Specifically, the Canute college meterological team is having trouble in Oklahoma, where they're chasing after tornadoes.

This is all very exciting, but what's even more exciting is that the newsletter says the game will be released in June. A tentative release date! YES! But what's MOST exciting is the fact that they also released a trailer for the game.

See you all in June, Nancy Drew clue crew!


Edit: I like how the video ends with a "coming summer 2010" screen, but the video is still getting comments like "When is this game coming out?"


Alana said...

I'm pretty excited for this game, even though tornadoes are totally not my thing. I feel like the one scene with the house reminds me of Shadow Ranch, and the music reminds me of mix of Shadow Ranch & Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Those are both pretty decent games.

Are you going to go through and discuss this trailer like you did with the Waverly Academy one? If you had the time, that'd be cool...I'd like to read your thoughts on it :)

Anonymous said...

OMG yes! Finally! I'm soo excited! I just figured out that I won an essay contest and the prize money is enough for me to buy the new game! I agree with Alana, it seems like a mix of Blue Moon Canyon and Shadow ranch. which were both AWESOME games. I just got the newsletter, too, and I'm SO excited for the new game!

Anonymous said...

I am excited for the game. It looks like we get to do outdoor stuff (in the daytime) which is fun. Unless we have to do the veg. picking like we did in Shadow Ranch.(hate that part)

Anonymous said...

Let me repraise that, unless we have to do annoying chores like the veg picking.

Cat said...

Wow. My school just got done with doing Oklahoma! as our spring musical. I'm sick of that state.