Friday, April 2, 2010

Sonny Gets Fired. (Again).

I forgot I wrote this story about how Sonny Joon got fired shortly before the start of Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. As I recall, he was fired for telling museum-goers about his conspiracy theory that the ancient Mayas were abducted by aliens, and for keeping a mountain of chocolate bars at his desk.

Sonny Gets Fired. (Again).

Mr. Johnson had gone to the Beech Hill Museum to learn about the ancient Mayans, not to be attacked with conspiracy theories. Really. He did.

"The Aztec civilization came to an end when they were defeated by the Spanish conquistadors," Mr. Johnson read off of one of the plaques in a display case.

"Of course, that's not really what happened," a voice behind him said.

Mr. Johnson turned around. Standing the shadows was a Beech Hill Employee. A name tag reading "Sonny Joon -- Assistant Curator" was attached to his shirt pocket. Inside the shirt pocket were two, no, three Koko Kringle Bars.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Johnson asked.

"The Mayans weren't defeated by the conquistadors. They were taken."

"Taken? By whom?"

Sonny Joon lowered his sunglasses and shot Mr. Johnson a deadly serious look.

"They were taken..." he whispered. "By aliens."

"What?" Mr. Johnson asked.

"I'm serious, man! Aliens from outer space came and kidnapped all the Mayas! I can prove it!"

"How can you prove something like that?"

"Simple. Did you hear about the girl who got kidnapped yesterday in the Royal Palladium Theater? The one that Brady Armstrong is trying to save? Her name was Maya. Maya Nguyen. Coincidence? I don't think so."

Mr. Johnson was confused. "You're saying the ancient Mayans were kidnapped by aliens because some girl named Maya is missing in St. Louis?"

"I've made some doodles of what the aliens probably look like," Soony said. "Check them out!"

The pictures were just the start of it. Not only did Sonny have pictures, but he also had a twelve-page paper on the topic of alien abductions, four pamphlets on what to do in case an alien mistakes you for King Pacal, and a dance routine.

After twenty minutes, Mr. Johnson was finally saved by a red-haired woman with a striped shirt.


"Joanna! How's it going, boss?"

"How many times have I told you not to harass our clients with your ridiculous conspiracy theories?"

"It's not ridiculous! It's true!"

"This is it, Sonny!" Joanna cried. "I've had it with you! If you make one more mistake, you're fired!"

"Aw, man!" Sonny complained. Joanna was a way harsh boss—she was always getting mad at him for telling people about aliens. Maybe he should have taken that job offer in Paris after all...

Henrik came to see Joanna shortly afterwards. He was wearing a mask.

"Hello, Henrik," Joanna said. "Are your allergies acting up again?"

"Yes, actually," Henrik said. "I came to ask if Mr. Joon could move his chocolate bars out of the lab. The smell is interfering with my ability to concentrate."

"Chocolate bars don't smell that bad," Joanna said. "How much chocolate does he have in the lab?"

"You'd best see for yourself."

Sonny was cornering another museum guest and explaing the connection between Bul and the planet Mercury when he heard Joanna scream.


Sonny winced. He knew that tone of voice. He was going to be fired.



Anonymous said...

write more nancy drew stories like this one

Scott wilson said...

I heard that her interactive ismaking a soony joon game!!!!

Scott wilson said...

.....unfortunatly it wasan april fools joke :(

Cat said...

Tell about Sonny being fired in France, and then his RAN story

Anonymous said...

Aww....poor Sonny. I'm still not sure if Her Interactive is making a Sonny Joon series or not, my comment was in your last post, I think, when I told you about it. I'm still curious wether it was an April Fools joke or not.....

Anonymous said...

wait! A response to my last comment, anonymous 3:29 pm, I have just confirmed that, well 99% confirmed anyway, that, the Sonny Joon computer game series posted on Her Interactive IS an April Fools Prank!!! While looking around, I saw a post from Her Interactive that said, "Hey, did anyone get fooled by the April Fools joke that we posted yesterday?" with a link to the post. HAHAHA they fooled us! Or, ME anyways! =]

Anonymous said...

Great story! Sonny's got to be one of my favorite ND background characters. I like how the game writers put a lot of character depth into most of the people you never get to see.

Anonymous said...

FAR OUT MICHAEL! you should write a story about bill kessler going out fishing one day lol.

Anonymous said...

You should write a story where Cou Cou and Lou Lou both team up and try to take over the world!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Cou Cou and Lou Lou trying to take over the world would be hilourious! :D You should deffiantly write a story about that! You would be a GREAT writer if that's what you want to do when you grow up! :) I know I DEFFIANTLY want to be a writer when I grow up! I just LOVE to read and write stories!

Anonymous said...

these stories are awesome keep them coming

Anonymous said...

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