Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Which I Discuss the New Trailer in Far Too Much Detail

It's time for another edition of In Which I Discuss the New Trailer in Far Too Much Detail, in which...I discuss the new trailer in far too much detail. This time, I'm discussing the trailer that was released yesterday.

Shot-by-shot, what we saw in the trailer was...

1. Title screens.

2. A windmill that is turning in the wind before some stormy-looking skies.

3. There's a scene inside someone's house, specifically a connected living room and dining room. Working at a laptop on the dining table is a woman in blue. She reminds me of George in Ransom of the Seven Ships.

4. A fancy-looking piece of equipment, apparently some sort of scanning device, malfunctions. The scanner screen which is tracking clouds turns to static and drops to black.

5. There is a two-story house which is painted light blue (and white). It appears to be a wooden house, and it has external doors to the cellar. Is this the house from Scene #3? I don't think so--the curtains don't match.

It is lightly snowing in this scene, with the same snow animation that we saw in Warnings at Waverly Academy.

There's a car in the lower/right corner, and black plaque above the entrance to the house. I can't read the plaque, but I'm guessing it's something official like "The Canute City Orphanage".

6. A brief pan over Ma and Pa's general store. I can't tell if this is a photograph of a real place, or if it's computer-generated. My first thought is that it reminds me of Waddell's jewelry store in Secret of the Old Clock
. Nancy could drive there and make a brief stop inside. They showed a picture of the outside of the store while Nancy talked with Waddell. So, my first reaction is that the general store would work the exact same way.

All of a sudden, I'm reminded of Em from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, who had a midwest accent (unless I'm remembering incorrectly) and ran a general store.

7. There are some sort of weather devices that give off flashing red lights in a green field with red dirt. It gets darker and stormier in the background. This is somewhat similiar to the scene in #2. So, it seems we can expect to see scenes of the weather getting stormier in this game.

8. The side of an old wooden house, which looks like a farmhouse because of the vegetable fields in the background. It is raining, and I think this is not one of the houses we've already seen in the trailer, because the color scheme is different (although I could be wrong).

9. A shadowy scene of someone doing something which is shady and suspicious, like dismantling a device on a coffee table. You can't see the person clearly, but judging from the window, it looks like the person is inside the house from #8.

10. It's a scene of the House from #8, next to a barn. A barn...or is it Ma and Pa's general store? It looks like it could be the general store, but it's too tall, and the general store had a much larger room. Nancy is inside the car in #5, watching as a tornado appears on the distance.

11. Concept art for the scene in #10, which also looks like the game cover. This features the red barn, as well as the two-story, light blue house. So I think this means we've seen three different houses on the exact same street in this trailer. Does this mean the game will take place only on a certain street? That could work--having her visit four or so places on the same street. But if that's the case, why would she need a car to travel around?


Well, that's all I thought of while watching the trailer. I think, for fun, I'll go through my analysis of the trailer for Warnings at Waverly Academy and see if any of my predictions for the game ended up being correct.


Kira said...

Yeah, I noticed how much that snow animation looked like the animation in WAC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the snow animation. They look a little....squarish. I thought it was pretty cool when I first saw it in WAC, but now I've beaten the game for the third's getting old. I hope they don't change the cover design for this game too much. The other games have covers in which the paintings look more...realistic. Then they always have that iconic symbol like the badge with scratch marks in WAC...the ghost in Castle Malloy, etc.

Cat said...

Since SOS has been delayed, it looks like they're trying to bring us art work that's more of the NDD style. Also, the 2 minute trailer will come out sometime next month. That will give us a better idea of the game.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what's SOS?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 4:15 I think it was hail or sleet, it didn't really look like snow. And the cover look really good! And the title style is a lot better than the one in the teaser at the end of WAC

Cat said...

To anonymous 3:52: SOS is the abbreviation for Ship of Shadows which was supposed to be the third NDD game. It was originally predicted to have a June 2010 release, but the Dossier series is being reevaluated.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool, Thanks Cat. I remember that name now, my friend told me about it. I honestly don't like the Dossier series. It's too easy for me, and the graphics are not like the adventure series. I think it's for more "beginner" detectives.

Cat said...

If you're expecting the Nancy Drew Adventure series, I can understand why the Dossier series would seem boring. They're not meant to take hours to solve; they're supposed to be a "casual" series. The graphics are supposed to be graphic-novel style, rather than 3-D.

Katelyn said...

Nice analysis. I've looked over it too, and the only thing I don't agree with in your analysis is Scene 9. I don't think it takes place in the house seen in #8, because that house had broken windows and no curtains. The house in Scene 9 has curtains, and though we can't see their color, they are very similar in style to the ones seen in Scene 3. Which is why I'm thinking that Scene 9 is showing a power outage in more of the same house seen in Scene 3. (Hope that makes sense.)