Friday, April 30, 2010

High School Musical 3 - Deleted Scenes

I have a bad neckache, so I decided to relax a bit tonight by watching a movie. While looking through the DVD collection here, I noticed we have a copy of High School Musical 3: Special Edition, which includes the deleted scenes.

I have never seen these scenes before, so I immediately decided to watch them.


When I was a kid, and I wanted to watch a movie, all I had to do was put in the tape, and the movie would--get this--start playing. But today, you have to navigate the complicated TV Setup Menu in order to set your TV to Obscure Function Mode, then put in the DVD, navigate the DVD Player Setup Menu to set it to "Play on TV" mode, then skip through a half-hour of previews so you can then navigate the DVD Setup Menu to play the movie. Why do I have to navigate three menus to perform a simple task? Stop being so complicated, technology. All I want to do is watch a movie, not earn a PhD in Electrical Engineering.


Eventually, I had to give up on the DVD player, and watch the movie on my PS2. So what were the deleted scenes?

1. "Lucky Socks", a short scene. The basketball guys are running off to the big game, but Troy stops them and asks if anyone washed their lucky socks. They all say "no". Troy is happy. Then, they continue running off to the game.

2. "Wildcats in the Kitchen". A thirty-second scene in which Troy goes through the kitchen during the post-championship celebration. The Wildcat Moms are happy their sons won, and they're cooking up a storm. Humorously, the guy on the team who loves to bake food is also there, and he gets mad at them for trying to eat food before it's ready. Ha ha ha, Zeke, you wacky secondary character!

3. A shot of Troy and Gabriella going to the treehouse, where they will perform "Right Here, Right Now". It's a boring scene, unless you're really enthusiastic about watching people climb up treehouse ladders.

4. A longer version of the homeroom scene, starring the Weird British Girl who was in the movie for no apparent reason. She is introduced to Ryan, and she talks to Sharpay a bit.

5. Zeke, the wacky guy from Scene #2, is back for more wackiness when he tries to ask his crush to the prom. After a pep talk from his buddy, he goes to talk to her. Humorously, she's super-organized, and has already made the prom arrangements for both of them, which includes renting his tuxedo and signing him up for dance lessons. Ha ha! Then, when Zeke goes back to his buddy, he learns that his buddy ate all his cookies while he was gone. Ha ha ha ha!

6. A scene of Ryan and Kelsi getting all flirty on the set of the musical. The flirtiness doesn't get anywhere beyond "I can make us some tea" -- "I love tea!".

7. The various minor characters put up prom posters all over school. Well, two posters, really. One is put up by Random British Girl (this is her third appearance in the deleted scenes), and the other is put up by the guy who ate Zeke's cookies in scene five. For the record, I have no idea who this guy is.

8. In a five second scene, Random British Girl primps at her lockers before shutting them and walking away. The locker doors have the British flag painted on them.

9. Okay, so do you remember the locker room scene where the guys are wearing nothing but towels? Only the towels are a bit too small for comfort? Then, as a prank, Troy makes the new guys run all over school in order to get their clothes back? The scene my friend Marianne thought was "really disturbing"?

There's MORE to that scene! Once the new guys have run all over school, they go back to the locker room. But of course, they don't change back into their clothes. Instead, they go to their brand new lockers, while a crowd of other guys (also wearing nothing but towels) watches them. Inside the lockers are some unwashed socks, but everyone is still super excited, and they start up a cheer.


Those are all the deleted scenes! Wow, it looks like Random British Girl wasn't supposed to be random at all; they just cut most of her scenes out of the movie.


Kira said...

Seeing as I haven't watched HSM3 in over a year (since it was in theaters), I don't really know who Random British Girl is. Most of those deleted scenes seem a little odd, though.

Anonymous said...

When I read the words "Old Fogey Rant" I nearly died laughing. Fogey is definitely on my list now. >:)