Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, the first game of the playoffs was tonight, and the Sharks lost 2-1. No!

I think the problem might be that the other team brought their A-Game, while the Sharks just brought a game. Yeah...

They didn't play badly, mind you. They just didn't play well. Actually, it felt like they were playing on snooze mode for the second period, which was very boring. So boring that I started playing my Gameboy instead of watching. They averaged about one shot every six minutes during that period.

The game was tied up at the end, and I had a feeling it was going into overtime, when the Sharks got unlucky, and the other team scored by bouncing a shot off a defenseman's skate. So...we kind of scored on ourselves. Kind of, anyway. It was one of those unfortunate deflections you can't stop.

There was 50 seconds left in the game, which would normally be enough time for a last-ditch effort to tie things up, but since they were averaging a shot every three minutes, that was definitely NOT enough time for them to score.

So...yeah. It was a disappointing game. My home team lost, and they didn't play very well. But on a positive note, I think my playoff beard will become visible in a few days. Right now, it's in the awkward "Are you growing a beard, or did you forget to shave this morning?" phase.


Anonymous said...

sharks just can't get it together in the playoffs

Kira said...

Hey Michael (or anyone else), what are some good Nancy Drew games? I have Treasure in the Royal Tower, Danger on Deception Island, and Warnings at Waverly Academy. Any other good games in the series?