Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Young Artists' Fair - Stories

And here are the stories I have written down from the Young Artists' Fair. I really should have taken pictures of the stories, instead of writing them down, because writing takes way too long. Also, you don't get to see any of the pictures!


First up is a story a girl wrote about her big sister. It's a nice idea for a story, but you'll notice there are some odd parts that don't get explained.

What You Do, by Gabrielle Davis, 3rd grade.

I dedicate this book to Kristine Davis because she is the best sister in the world.

Once there was a little girl. Her name is Kristine. She loved horses and her dad did too. Her mom didn't like horses. When Kristine got older she got kicked in the face. Then she wanted to be a nurse. So she went to Bryman. So then she got her internship for 6 weeks. Then she started to work. She worked for the whole summer. Then she got hired. Now she comes homes at 5:00 o'clock. But we still love her. The End


The Faries, by Nicole, 3rd grade

Once upon a time there was a magical spot that no one knew about.

There lived a land of faries.

In that land of faries were three faries that were best friends. They went everywhere together. They were like sisters.

Then oneday this fair came to talk to them. He told them if they don't stop the mean fairy, fairy world will be in big trouble because the mean fairy will take over fairy world. So the fairy told the three fairies how to get to his secret lare. So they were off to his secret lare. They had to cross the firey volcano and cross the jungle of doom and go through the tunnel of darkness.

[That's all of the story I have written down]


The Boy Who Cried Burglar!, by Preston Kilwien

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in the village. The village was in Ohio. There were people that lived in the village.

In the high mountains of Ohio there lived a mean fierce burglar. The burglar and the villagers got there guns, swords and fire to throw at the burglar. But there was no burglar. The next day, the little boy said "burglar" and the villagers got there fire, guns and swords. But there was no burglar. The villagers got so mad they wouldn't get tricked again. The nexxt day the boy cried burglar but the villagers never came out when there really was a burglar. The boy got chased out of town and up in the mountains of Ohio. The end!


There was another story where Ana and Claire wanted to be friends, but Claire's mom hates Ana because she's from Spain. So the two girls write a letter to the President about the situation, and he lets them give a big speech about it, and they all end up living happily ever after. The story is about three pages long, which is why I'm not going to type it out.

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Hippodameia said...

Even though children aren't really my "passion" or "soft spot," I nevertheless find their creative outlets and thought processes fascinating. O untainted minds! Ye be a mysterie to mine eyes!