Sunday, March 28, 2010

Young Artist's Fair - Poems

I went a school's Young Artists fair today, and it's a real shame that I could only stay for ten minutes, and that I didn't have a camera, because Young Artists fairs always have books and pictures that are ten times better than the stuff you see in museums or bookstores. I saw The Night Before Christmas: Chuck Norris Style by a fourth grader, and a second-grade poem called "Yankee Doodle".

Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a monkey
He had to take a shower quick
Because he smelled so funky

That's all I have from today's Young Artist's Fair, but here are my notes from St. Clare's Young Artist's Fair in 2005. I actually wrote down several stories/poems word for word. First up, poems from the third graders! All misspellings are theirs, not mine:

Outside by Julia Luna, #25

In the morning I
Hear the birds sing very sweetly
I wish I could fly!

Soccer, by Grace C

Soccer is really fun
When you're playing in the sun
Even when you fall
You get up and kick the ball!

Hong Kong, by Preston Kilwien

Happy birthday to me.
I'm 103.
I lived so long
That I moved to Hong Kong

Talking, by Mikayla Tejero

I love to talking
But I don't know when to stop
My friends say
That I talk everyday

The Sparkiling River, by Nicole #4

The river stream falls
and the stream is sparkiling
with blossoms to drink.

Pope, by Jack Hague

Pray evry day with the Pope.
Have some hope.
He will live in rome.
This is how I wrote this poem

Hatred, by Catherine Thorn (4th grade)

Hatred is red.
It sounds like screaming.
It smells like rotten eggs.
It tasts like sour milk.
It looks like blood.
Hatred feels like a kick in the nose.

There were also some good stories like Friends for Never by Paula Farinha and The Robber who Couldn't Stop Robbing, which I'll tell you later if you're interested.


Hippodameia said...

I think "Hong Kong," "Talking," and "Pope" are my favorites.

Anonymous said...

More stories, more poems