Monday, March 15, 2010

Vlog Recorded

I recorded the vlog today. There were some exciting things, like me getting a phone call halfway through from Mom, who wanted to talk about Days of our Lives, and me trying to show how to do a jig. The jig footage is probably going to be cut, because the camera angle was super bad (because my room is small). Settle for watching the video of me dancing five years ago:

So thanks to everyone for their questions, and here are some questions I didn't answer in the video.

Q: Do you still have Mr. Monkey?
A: No. He got moved back to my parents' house.

Q: Are you a good speller?
A: Yes. I read a lot, and reading books is the best way to learn how things are spelled.

Q: What color are your eyes?
A: Brownish.

Hopefully, the vlog will be up on St. Patrick's Day (i.e. Wednesday).


Roberta said...

OH, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! u were amazing!!!!! i no I could NEVER dance like that coz i'm horribly bad even if i tried! I never knew u could do that!!! that's so cool! :D the vlog will be up by St. Patricks day? cool! will be waiting..... again! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering two of my questions. :-)

Miriam said...

Woah, that was awesome. :D those dances could've been one of the puzzles in Castle Malloy!

Tallulah said...

That dance video was awesome!!! So cool! :D I didn't know you could do that!