Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough

Nancy Drew has only solved one murder mystery in her 20+ game series, and that’s the murder of Jake Rogers, a student at Paseo Del Mar High who was violently pushed down a flight of stairs. Nancy’s first game, Secrets Can Kill, begins with Nancy going undercover at the school to find out the truth behind what happened.

The plot of the game is pretty intense for an E-rated game, actually. It turns out that the victim was blackmailing pretty much everyone in school. He was blackmailing the school quarterback for taking steroids, the class valedictorian for plagiarism, and (of course), he was blackmailing a girl into dating him. Eventually, it is revealed that Jake took his blackmailing scheme too far, by trying to blackmail a local drug dealer named Mitch, who promptly killed him.

The game ends with Nancy and her contact, Daryl Gray, confronting Mitch the drug dealer. A fight ensues, and the final puzzle of the game is solved by grabbing Mitch’s gun and using it on him. Technically, all Nancy does is train the gun on Mitch until the police arrive, but it’s a first-person point-and-click adventure game, so you don’t really see this. Instead, it kind of looks like the solution of the puzzle is shooting Mitch.

Stopping Mitch

The series took a major change after this game. First of all, the characters were changed to 3D. The overall puzzle system was revamped, and of course, the plots became more tame, focusing on things like attempted murder, not actual death. Best of all, the other games come on one CD, so you don’t have to switch CDs every five minutes.

It’s not my favorite Nancy Drew game, but it is very interesting to see where the series started off, considering that it’s so different from the later games. Those of you who are interested in seeing this game can watch my entire playthrough for it. Those of you who are pressed for time might just want to watch the last video of the playthrough (below), which contains a good deal of plot, including the above-described confrontation with the drug dealer. Not to mention my mad rapping skills at the start of the ending credits.


emily said...

hahahahaha when i first watched that video i hummed that rapping all day for like a week or 2 lol!!

Anonymous said...

yoooo im nancy drew, and im here to sayy!
i cant freestyle and my name is michael grayy!
so im just gonna sit here and watch,
the end credits... my dear... YAUW!

Hippodameia said...

I still think that part where you pretend to be Nancy for a minute and tell us about your near-marriage to Jake Rogers is epic. Maybe even better than your screaming in Message in a Haunted Mansion.

I have a secret spot in my heart saved for this game. I got it when it first came out and was sufficiently creeped out while wandering around Paseo Del Mar aimlessly. I wish HI made more games like these; the newer ones seem so saccharine and fake, like they can give you an exotic setting and some pretty graphics and ignore a well-thought-out story in the process. I think that's why Secret of the Scarlet Hand is my favorite of the series.

There is also a game series called Syberia (it's a lot more complex than these games) which has a wonderful story and sweet graphics to boot! I'd highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

The rapping at the end was intense! I think ND games should have plots more like this one, but regular puzzles and 3 - D characters

Anonymous said...

wow...that rap was EPIC. I keep on bothering my friend with it...who doesn't even play ND games.

P.s. Even though this was HILARIOUS, That message in a haunted mansion scream? record-breaking.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the release date for Trail of the Twister is? I'd really like it if Michael put information about it on his blog if he got some ...

lulykpa11 said...

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Beatrice said...

Hello Michael! I really like your vidios! Your rapping in the credits was great! I think HI should make another murder mystery! I also have a question. What is your favourite kind of puzzle from the Nancy Drew games? I love your vidios!