Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mean Computer, Waverly Academy Help

My computer is being mean, like usual, and now the screen won't display anything. I'm using a public computer in the meantime.

So, don't expect extensive blog entries for a while.

In the meantime, someone commented on my last entry about the a possible error in Warnings at Waverly Academy; namely, if you leave the history classroom without taking a picture of the map, it should be impossible to progress with the game's plot. It's an unintentional problem that occurs because the "breaking into the classroom" subplot happens on the last day of the game.

I haven't had this problem myself, so I don't know what to do, but the game creators did make it so you can get around this difficulty if it happens. They're smart like that. If you're really stuck, reload from a second chance save point! The game automatically saves before any potential game over scenario, so it can instantly reload from that spot if you die. Again, the game developers are smart like that.


Hippodameia said...

Yeah! That's what testers are for.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I never knew that you could do second chance then! Wow, where have I been?!? On that puzzle when I played that game, I just printed out the finished map from youtube in your walkthrough. That's awesome! I thought that the only time you could to "seconds chance" is when you die and click yes on "you have made a fatal error, try again?" thing. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I found that out just yesterday after I logged onto my game.

Cat said...

Actually, Paige doesn't say anything if you break in on the third day. I tried it because I wanted demerits for the award, but it didn't happen. I had to pull four fire alarms instead.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cat. The herinteractive message board peoples found that you can break in without Paige seeing you if you don't get the picture first.