Friday, February 12, 2010

Update, Phoenix Wright 2, Case 2, Part 2

Here's a brief update on a few of my current projects.

1. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: This is the next game I'll play for my arglefumph Youtube channel. I recorded myself playing the first two hours of this game today. Over this weekend, I hope to record the commentary for it. Recording the commentary is going to be hard, because I'm going to have a special guest co-commentator. Who will it be? Stay tuned!

2. Fanfiction: One of my DragonBall Z fanfic groups is having a seven-day story challenge: you write seven stories in one week, one story per day. I've done this challenge before, with playwriting group, and it's a lot of fun. The starter sentences for all seven days have been released already, so I'm getting a head start on my stories.

3. This Blog: I'll be going through all my old blog posts this weekend, re-labelling some and deleting others.

4. Phoenix Wright Recording: I've finished playing through all of Case #3 of Phoenix Wright 2. With luck, I can finish Case #4 this weekend in time for the new game that comes out on Tuesday.

5. Phoenix Wright Video Releasing: And hey, the next set of videos for Case 2 of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All have been released! These videos cover the first day of the trial!

Video 8: The trial starts off badly for our heroes, as the evidence and testimony makes it seem that Maya is the murderer. Franziska von Karma, gloating, offers Phoenix the chance to plead for justified self-defense, but Phoenix insists on getting a complete acquital.

Video 9: The final piece of evidence is submitted: Maya's bloodstained jacket. Phoenix notices something unusual: there is a bullet hole in the sleeve of the jacket! The victim must have tried to shoot Maya!

Video 10: Detective Gumshoe tries to recreate the crime scene, based on the new evidence. His new explanation of what happened has definite problems, however, and Phoenix is quick to point them out in his attempts to show that Maya didn't attack the victim at all.

Video 11: Lotta Hart takes the witness stand, and things go from bad to worse for Phoenix. Franziska has prepped this witness so well that the testimony is airtight, and the Judge is ready to declare a verdict.

Video 12: Pearl summons Mia to help Phoenix. All right! With Mia's help, Phoenix is able to continue the trial. He requests that Lotta show the second photograph she took of the crime scene. Of course, this photograph contains a critical contradiction.

Video 13: Phoenix uses the contradiction found in the photograph to argue for Maya's innocence. Being unable to account for it (and the possibility that Maya left the scene of the crime at one point), Franziska is forced to investigate further. The trial is then called to an end for the day.


Roberta said...

wow, I wonder what happend to all the other comments! haha

Michael Gray said...

They must be lost in space, because this is clearly an exciting blog post.

Roberta said...

=)) yeah i'll say haha

Alana said...

Maybe they're just too busy hanging with your alien clones out there in space, hahah :)