Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Things

1. I finished editing/sorting through all the videos in my blog! So now every entry has one or more descriptive labels, like "awesomeness" and "Nancy Drew previews". Over a fourth of them have the uncreative label "other".

2. On a similar note, I recently asked how people felt about walkthrough video posts.

On one hand, these posts never get many comments because they're mostly videos, so they might not be too popular with readers.

On the other hand, they are super easy to make, so they're popular with me.

I think from now on, I'll make the entries like this one, where I include the first video, and some basic descriptions of the other videos.

3. I have previously said that "Bet On It", the angsty song from High School Musical 2 is the most ridiculous song in the movie because it's mostly just Zac Efron spinning around and doing other random dance moves, while acting like this is the most serious thing he's ever done.

I was listening to the song, and I have a question. During the bridge of the song, where the computer starts singing instead of Zac because Zac is too busy playing golf, do you hear someone open a can of soda at 2:07?

Why did they put that sound effect in the song?

I haven't heard such a ridiculous sound effect in a song since Logan Whitehurst's Rudolf Nureyev, where he picks up a phone and hangs it up.


Miriam said...

Haha, I heard it! I listened to it more carefully (since I usually tune out the songs when watching this movie and just laugh at the dancing) and realized that it is a soda can....weird. Maybe they thought that if they had a soda noise that it would increase the awesomeness of this not-very-awesome movie...

Roberta said...

laughs while saying "WOW" =))
I kinda noticed that too before you posted this
but I thought that was me, but it wasn't I heard it too! I guess they wanted to increase the coolness but that's just hilarious. A soda opening to make it sound like a cool effect is not cool, it's just hilarious:D

Hippodameia said...

Hmm. To me, it doesn't sound like a can of soda opening--just a variation on the beat in the background and maybe the splash of the golf ball afterward.

Tallulah said...

Haha! I heard that! Well, maybe they were trying to distract you with random noises to keep your attention away from the bad choreography and fake-ish singing. :D Nice try, Disney, nice try.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,I never really noticed the "soda can" sound before, but now that you mention it, its kinda weird that it was put in there. Also, I'm sorry to add this to your comments but if you ever get the time could you check out my blog? Not a lot of people know about it...basically no one but I thought I'd start here. Here's the link: thank you! You rock! :)

Anonymous said...

ahaha yeah maybe it was the director or someone else or tht one fat gurl in the movie she likes to drink and eat fatty stuff lolll

Alie-oop said...

I remember watching that part and thought something during this song sounded suspicious. Now that you mention it, I'm kinda pissed they did that. But I do agree with Tallulah. Maybe they used some random noises to keep you from the bad choreography and fake-ish singing. Lol.