Monday, February 1, 2010

Three Things

1. I want to go through all my blog entries and redo the tags I use. When you look at the list of tags on the right-hand side of the screen, you'll notice half of them are used once. There must be a better way of organizing things.

2. Rant about Li'l Archie that was left out of the last entry: I don't like Li'l Archie. The characters look weird, and their personalities aren't entertaining in the least. The Muppet Babies are much better.

3. I am notorious in our family for being a horrible driver, just because I failed my driver's test five times (long story). In particular, my little sister gives me a lot of grief about my driving, which is precious, seeing as she doesn't have a license.

Well, my sister got her learner's permit recently, and yesterday, we had her drive Dad and me for fifteen minutes. If you haven't been in a car with a driver who has no idea what she is doing, let me tell you, it is the scariest thing ever.

She doesn't have the driving controls down yet, so turning is very difficult for her. It's tough enough on straight roads, but we went down a road that curved to the left, which is just asking for trouble. Instead of holding the wheel straight, you have to hold it while it's turned to the left.

There was a bus in the lane to the right of us. She didn't want to get too close to the bus, so that meant she had to turn a bit to the left. But because she mixed up her directions, she ended up turning right, going straight towards the bus. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but my nerves were shot for an hour afterwards.

She think she did "pretty well, overall". I think I'm no longer the worst driver in the family.


Paul said...

Boy, does THAT sound familiar. Riding in the backseat while my girlfriend's little sister was at the wheel:

GIRLFRIEND: "So, what have you gone over before with Mom and Dad?"
SISTER: "...Actually, this is my first time actually driving."

Later on:

SISTER: "Gosh darnit, I keep forgetting with is the brake!"

Later on:


Roberta said...

okay, that is just down right SCARY!!! but i'm surprised at u, your 24 yrs old and u don't know how to drive. i thought u knew but u don't coz u said gas prices are crazy and i agree with u on that. oh well baby steps.

Hippodameia said...
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Hippodameia said...

Well, I started driving when I was 10ish years old, so I can't really relate. Oh, the perks of living on a farm.

But, my mother, who is well into her fifties, still feels the need to accelerate her speed five mph and then brake three seconds later. It's why we never get fast food with her.

Anonymous said...

I'll be taking driving lessons soon, so wish me luck! ;D Your family is so... entertaining. Kiddin, bo do I love your stories

Anonymous said...

My brother is graduating from high school soon, but he still has his permit! I told him he needs to get his license soon, but I guess he drives okay.

Maddy said...

i can totally relate. you don't know how bad it was when my sister first got her permit. and here I think I'm worse than her. the first time i was behind the wheel i was like, "ok what do i do, turn on the car or check all the car seats." ok maybe not really that but it was pretty scary. you'll learn, you could relax a bit more when your sister is behind the wheel, she'll get better.

Anonymous said...

Haha...driving. I almost have my license now and my mom and dad are still a little freaked out when I am actually a goood driver. i only had an incident like that once and that was on my first day of driving. whoo.

ArtsyGirl said...

Poor Michael. Don't worry, you are not alone. I'm going to be 20 in August, and I still can't drive too well. I do pretty good when I am practice in an empty parking lot, I still need to learn how to do a parallel parking. When i first had to drive on the street to go back home from the parking lot with my dad in the back and a friend of my mom's in the front, it was so scary. First of all, you when you pratice driving in a parking lot, you can go at least 10 mph. While I drive that slow on the street and someone honked at me angerly for driving to slow. I was able to drive the car all the way to our house, of course along the way, my mom's friend had to put the emergency brake at one point and I was to quick on parking the car as well. Yeah.... so I'm still not that good yet, that what happens when no one in your family doesn't know how to drive a car and not owning one too. Hump.

ArtsyGirl said...

But all well. I have time still to practice and learn more. This happened two or three years ago, and i think my permit is no good anymore. But then again, you but have to be rushed into learning how to drive people. They just force you to do it in high school when you're 16 to do it and plus, there are some people who want to get there driver's license right away. I have all the time in the world. Plus public transportation is safer than driving in a car with an amateur. :) So hang in there Michael!

ArtsyGirl said...

I meant to say you don't have to be rushed in learning. Sorry :)