Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunny, With a Chance of Sun

Today is pretty sunny. Pretty soon, sunny weather is going to start up again in California.

I never really like it when the sunny weather starts here, because I have freckles. So during the first week of sunny, I suffer from constant heat stroke as my freckles come out. Sometimes I get new freckles, but normally, that just means my freckles become more visible.

I'll try to take a before/after picture to show you what I mean.

Anyway, here are the last videos for the second case of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All.

Video #20: The second day of the trial begins, with Morgan Fey taking the witness stand. Morgan gives a solid testimony against Maya.

Video #21: Morgan finishes her testimony, and Ini Miney takes the stand. Ini makes up a story about Maya visiting her shortly after the murder.

Video #22: Phoenix shows that Ini's testimony is a bunch of lies, because it overlooks the fact that Pearl was in the garden at the time of the murder. He then accuses Ini of being the murderer.

Video #23: Phoenix explains how Ini committed the complicated murder. Franziska then pulls the "the witness is not guilty because she has no motive" card, and the trial continues.

Video #24: Ini gives testimony about the car crash that she and her sister were in.

Video #25: Phoenix finds out a shocking twist (!), which gets the murderer to confess. Maya is then found not guilty, and she has a nice reunion with her sister Mia. Yay for happy endings!


Alana said...

Oh my gosh, don't complain about the sun, I'm so jealous! hahah, in Michigan it's basically been snowing constantly for the past 2 weeks :( I'm just ready for spring already!

Anonymous said...

U R lucky!!!!! In Jan. we had a HUGE snowstorm and we still had to go to skool! :(
From, N.E.W.

Hippodameia said...

Heheh. My classes were canceled today because of the weather.

Roberta said...

wow, so sorry for u guys, it's not hot in Oregon but it goes on and off. the weather here right now looks hot out but it's not it's cold. Michael's mr. lucky! i want nice hot weather here!:D

Twizzler206 said...

I HATE cold weqather but I also hate hot weather... I just like to stay in my pjs all day :D

P.S. My computer is down so I have to type this my phone and it's soooooo SLOW!!!!!! It's ANNOYING!!!!!!!