Thursday, February 11, 2010

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All - Case 2, Part 1

Good news! The first seven videos for Case 2 of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All have now been released! These videos cover the first day of investigation.

I was looking forward to playing this case, because it's all about Maya. Maya is Phoenix's friend/assistant, and at the end of the last game, she went back to her home, promising to come back as soon as she was done with her training as a spirit medium.

That was six months ago, and Phoenix hasn't seen her since.

Video One: Phoenix gets told that Maya is ready to do her first official spirit channeling! In fact, she refuses to do it unless he comes to see it, so Phoenix goes to Kurain to meet Maya again and see the spirit channeling.

Video Two: Phoenix explores Fey Manor and meets various people, like Maya's aunt, Morgan Fey. Morgan is very protective of her little daughter, Pearl.

Video Three: The channeling begins, but then two gunshots break out! Someone has been killed, and Maya looks like she's covered in blood. Oh no!

Video Four: Maya is arrested for the murder, and Phoenix talks with her in the detention center. Maya is resigned to her fate, but Phoenix promises to defend her, because she's his best friend, and there is no way that she is really the murderer. Way to go, Phoenix!

Video Five: Phoenix talks with Aunt Morgan again, and he talks to Maya's cousin Pearl. Pearl thinks Maya and Phoenix are "special someones" (ie. soulmates), so she agrees to help out in any way she can.

Video Six: Phoenix learns some bad news: the prosecutor for the trial tomorrow is Manfred von Karma's child. He also learns how to undo psyche locks, and he gets Ini Miney to confess she knew the murder victim (the victim was her sister's boss).

Video Seven: Phoenix talks with Mia Fey, Maya's older sister who is pretty much the best lawyer ever. She's also dead, but Phoenix can still talk with her because Maya is a spirit medium. Mia helps Phoenix out a little bit.

At the end of this video, the trial starts, and we get to see the new prosecutor: Franziska von Karma. She's just as obsessed with perfection as her father was, she might be even meaner than her father, and she likes to hit people with the whip she constantly carries around. NOT a good combination.

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