Monday, February 8, 2010

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All - Case 1

Recently, I've released my latest video walkthrough, for Case 1 of the second Phoenix Wright game!

This is the first Phoenix Wright case I ever played, and it is what got me addicted to the series. Courtroom drama, funny dialogue and logic-based puzzles! Using logic to solve a mystery is really the only way to go; I don't really enjoy the mysteries where it is impossible to solve the case by yourself.

The case is about Maggey Byrde, an enthusiastic police officer who has been accused of killing her boyfriend. Phoenix is her lawyer, and he's determined to prove her innocent...only the real culprit knocks Phoenix on the head with a fire extinguisher two minutes before the trial, and Phoenix gets amnesia. So poor Phoenix is tossed into a trial with a throbbing headache and no idea what's going on. Fortunately, with the help of Maggey (and his friend/legal assistant, Maya Fey), he is able to figure everything out and prove Maggey's innocence.

The set of all seven videos can be found here.

I finished Case #2 last night, so those videos should be released sometime soon. This is all in preparation for the brand new Phoenix Wright game (kind of) which is coming out next Tuesday. YES!!!


Roberta said...

Yay!!! about the walkthrough's. But that hurts, getting hit on the head by a fire extinguisher? ouch.

Anonymous said...

It's coming out next Tuesday?! No way! YAY!! Can't wait :D Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Could u do a walkthrough for Proff. Layton #2? U don't have to do it, though! :)